Pixar Quiz: Can You Pass This Tricky "Toy Story" Trivia Quiz?

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via Walt Disney Studios/pixar

With Andy off to college, looks like it's up to you to go back to 1995 to figure out this "Toy Story" trivia teaser!

Try to score a 100% by answering the following trivia questions from Pixar's first "Toy Story" movie with the right answers!

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Howdy, partner! Do you think you have what it takes to get all these Pixar "Toy Story" trivia questions right? From identifying its characters to remember its scenes in all their 90's glory, challenge yourself to get a 100% and make us (and Andy) proud! We'll stick to the first movie, but you definitely have to make sure your facts are straighter than the shot to infinity and beyond! Yee-haw, space rangers! Let's play!

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