Peter Pan Quiz: What % Wendy Darling Are You?

peter pan, wendy darling
via Walt Disney Studios

"But mother, I don't want to grow up!"

Head to the second star to the right and answer these personality questions to find out what % of Disney's Wendy Darling from "Peter Pan" you might be!

 Sep 24, 2019
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Wendy Darling is certainly the expert on all things Peter Pan. This Disney protagonist is a big dreamer and one of the most patient classic characters ever (the Lost Boys, anyone?). A few years and a few more sequels have allowed Disney fans everywhere to watch Wendy grow up, but we're throwing it back to Neverland to invite you to see what % of this leading lady's personality you might share! Answer our following questions to find out! (Just make sure to keep on to the second star to the right!)

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