Disney Quiz: What % Ursula Are You?

ursula, little mermaid

You are, by no means, a 'poor, unfortunate soul.'

Answer the following personality, preference, and scenario questions and we'll tell you what percent of Ursula's personality you share!

 Jul 30, 2018
1 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What would you want future generations to learn from you?
Always keep an open ear and an open mind
Life is too short - if you want something, do it
There is no idea too big if you put in your due effort
2 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What do you look towards when making big decisions?
Your current mood
Your previous experience
Your ideals
3 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Which of these resonates most with you?
The future
The present
The past
4 of 20Choose Your Answer:
You would consider donating some money to which cause?
A wildlife fund
A community arts program
An educational scholarship
5 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Who might you have most recently butt heads with?
A friend or coworker
A family member
6 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Who has heard most of your secrets?
Your partner
Your friends
Your pets
7 of 20Choose Your Answer:
You might describe your sense of humor as:
As many dad jokes as you can think of
8 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Which one of Ursula's colors speaks to you most?
9 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Your favorite 'Little Mermaid' character would have to be:
King Triton
Prince Eric
10 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What do you often find yourself searching for?
More knowledge
Your car keys
The next big opportunity
11 of 20Choose Your Answer:
How do you typically deal with conflicts?
You go with who you believe is right
You try not to get involved in the first place
You remain neutral, not taking any sides
12 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What are you most worried about right now?
Your significant other
Your finances
Your future
13 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Your favorite types of TV shows are:
Fictional drama, adventure, or fantasy
Reality drama or competitive shows
Home renovation, cooking, or documentary
14 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Pick one of these items from Ariel's stash:
A vintage record
A long piece of driftwood
A golden necklace
15 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Your usual style of dress is:
Comfy, athleisure
Whatever I feel like that day
Fairly on-trend with the season
16 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Under the sea, wish you could be...
Listening to Sebastian's crustacean band
Visiting King Triton's palace
Back on land!
17 of 20Choose Your Answer:
A merperson comes to Ursula with the dream to go ashore, what is her bargain?
She will not let you return to the water
She wants to trade for one of your belongings
She wants a monetary payment
18 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What is your favorite seafood dish?
Crabs or lobster
Fish or sushi
No seafood for me!
19 of 20Choose Your Answer:
When at a large gathering, which of these describes you most?
Seeking out the friends you know are there
Moving around the room, cleaning up
Socializing with everyone, the more the merrier
20 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Which one of these would annoy you most?
Feeling like you don't have time to finish everything you need to do
Having to do the same thing over and over again
Not being listened to when speaking
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This sultry, singing, sea witch is no stranger to schemes. She is cunning and confident, and, villain status aside, does have a little home in most everyone's personality. At her debut in Disney's "The Little Mermaid," she quickly became one of the most well-known villains to command the Disney screen - and it's pretty easy to see why! How much of this sorceress's personality do you think you share? Take our quiz and find out - you might be surprised at what you 'sea!'