Disney Quiz: Everyone Is A Hybrid Of Two Disney Sidekicks. Which Are You?

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Always let your conscience be... the Great Stone Dragon?

Honestly answer the following personality and preference questions and we'll let you know what Disney sidekick character hybrid you embody most!

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In a world of Disney heroes and heroines, you need a full universe of fantastic sidekicks to make sure every adventure runs smoothly. In fact, each sidekick is really a hero in their own right! What would Mulan's training be like without Mushu? Probably very porridge-less. What would Hercules' journey be without Pegasus? Probably a movie about a month-long trek across valleys and countrysides. Now, while we would probably like those movies too, they really aren't anything without their sidekick counterparts. With that being said, what fantastic Disney sidekick hybrid do you think you would be made up of? Try out the following personality questions, and we'll let you know!

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