Disney Quiz: What % Meg Are You?

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Won't you say you're in love?

Answer the following personality and preference questions, and we'll let you know how many traits you share with Disney's Hercules heroine, Meg!

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If you're anything like Meg, you surely won't say you're in love. This feisty female heroine is no damsel in distress (even though she does a bang-up job at acting as one) and can hold her own in the Underworld and in the mortal world. In many ways, she is the one who saved Hercules from an untimely demise and certainly deserved the happy ending she got in this Disney classic. Do you think you have a bit of this grecian not-really-a-goddess-but-basically-a-goddess in your soul? We think you might! Answer the following questions, and we'll let you know what % Megara you could be!

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