Disney Quiz: What % Maleficent Are You?

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Let's face it, you would love to be a dragon too.

Answer the following personality Q's to see what percent of Maleficent's characteristics you share. How much like this famous Disney villain are you?

 Jul 23, 2018
1 of 20Pick Your Answer:
Which situation would be most annoying?
When you are not being included in friends' plans
When you have to explain yourself over and over again
When you have a hard time adjusting to an unfamiliar environment
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To try and convince someone of your point of view, you...
First bring up the points you think they might agree with most
Stand steadfast in your point of view, arguing with what you think is right
Present facts and/or statistics when applicable
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Your villain sidekick would be...
Pain and Panic
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When having to make big life decisions, which of these do you take most into account?
How it alters your future plans
How it changes your professional title or status
How it affects your friends and family
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Which of Maleficent's primary colors are you most drawn to?
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Which of the Good Fairies would you consider yourself most similar to?
Flora (The Red Fairy)
Merryweather (The Blue Fairy)
Fauna (The Green Fairy)
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You're off on a world-trip! Where would you stop first?
8 of 20Pick Your Answer:
If you were a super-villain, what power would you find most useful?
Mind control
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What kind of gift-giver are you?
You like to get extravagant gifts
You are the gift-card type
You like to bring food or homemade crafts
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Your friends would describe you as...
11 of 20Pick Your Answer:
At home, you typically...
Sleep for however long you can
Get extra work done
Read books or watch shows
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Which Disney princess do you relate to the most?
13 of 20Pick Your Answer:
What is one of Maleficent's redeeming qualities?
Her dedication
Her elegance
Her cleverness
14 of 20Pick Your Answer:
Which Disney palace would you consider living in?
Cinderella's Castle
Beast's Castle
Rapunzel's Castle
15 of 20Pick Your Answer:
Which of these resonates with you the most?
The present
The future
The past
16 of 20Pick Your Answer:
Do you typically hold grudges?
It depends on the situation!
17 of 20Pick Your Answer:
Your typical outfit style is...
I'm usually dressed up!
I'm usually trying to be comfortable!
I'm usually in my 'office clothes!'
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Is it more important to be well-traveled or to establish roots?
Establish roots
It depends on where you are in life
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Pick one of these items:
A potion
A rose
An apple
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You find your best quality to be...
You try everything and have very few regrets
You are compassionate and empathetic
You are a hard-worker and are very dedicated
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Elegant, mysterious, cunning... Though Maleficent is one of Disney's most well-known and ruthless villains, there is a little bit of this powerful woman inside all of us. Maybe we share her pride, maybe we share her 'I really don't care' attitude, but whatever the case, let's find out just how much of this dark fairy's personality you embody!