Quiz: Only A Disney Genius Can Name These 90s Characters By Just 2 Clues

kuzko, Chip, Disney
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Think you're a 90s Disney kid or a 90s-kid-at-heart? See if you can recognize all of these classic 90s characters!

Do you think you really know your favorite 90s Disney movies? Try to choose the correct 90s Disney character for each question using only two clues!

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If we say 'blue flaming hair' and 'unpredictable temper,' who comes to your mind first? (No, it's probably not someone you know personally! (We hope!)) If 'Hades' from 'Hercules' crossed your thoughts, you are definitely ready to take this quiz! For the next few questions, we'll give you two clues to describe the 90s Disney character and you will try to deduce who it is! Think you're up for the challenge? Let's find out!

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