13 Hysterically Awkward Firsts Every Woman Has Survived

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The first time you realized being a woman isn't fair.

From your first kiss to your first tampon, every girl has to go through some awkward and cringe-worthy moments to become the woman she is today.

Here are the 13 hysterically awkward firsts every woman has survived:

1. Your First Time Shaving


If you were lucky, it was your legs, and some kind older soul bought you some fun and scented shaving cream.

If you weren't so lucky, your third-grade nemesis Ricky said you had hairy wolf arms so you went home, stole your mom's razor and dry shaved your entire arm before she came home.

2. Your First Bra


It was probably pink and frilly and had the support of a camisole. If you were still No-Boobs McGee, you secretly wished it had more padding but were afraid to tell your mom.

3. Your First Properly Fitting Bra


OHHHHH, okay. That's how that's supposed to feel.

4. Your First Crush


The one that started it all and made you finally understand what those "butterflies" everyone always talked about were. Too bad if you ever got the courage to talk to them you practically threw up on yourself.

5. Your First Period


There's nothing quite like thinking you've randomly shit your pants and realizing you've "become a woman" instead.

6. Your First Tampon


When you first heard about tampons, you swore up and down that you would never use one of those scary ass vagina-dwellers.

But... then you got your period the same weekend at a super fun pool party, so, alas! You caved. Shout to the mom/sister/friend who drew you a diagram and gave you graphic instructions.

7. Your First Leakage


Maybe the first time your period leaked through, the worst you had to deal with was waking up with your pjs and sheets drenched in your own blood. Or maybe it happened third period, the day you decided to wear your new white pants, and you publicly bled all over the chair you were sitting on.

8. Your First Kiss


You definitely practiced beforehand. It was definitely not romantic. And it probably took place in some cringe-worthy location. Like in the movie theatre during Happy Feet. Just kill me.

9. Your First Thong


After walking around in skin-tight leggings with a horrifically evident panty line for YEARS, you were finally clued in enough to get your first thong. And you probably needed the aid of a sister or friend because you weren't about to go thong shopping with your mom.

Wait, is it supposed to feel like you're walking around with a giant wedgie in your ass?

10. Your First Time Wearing Make-Up


What's this you say? I can make my face orange and glittery, my eyes a shimmering baby blue, and my eyelashes clump together into one gooey mass? Yes please.

11. Your First Boyfriend/Girlfriend


After speaking probably ten total sentences to each other, your friends told their friends that you wanted to be an official couple. So you wore your best pair of flare jeans and waited for them to find you after Social Studies and pop the question, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

12. Your First Time Having Sex


Much like your first kiss, this prob wasn't quite the rose petals and candles affair you thought it would be. And much like your first period, you probably were left thinking, "That's what all the fuss was about?"

13. Your First Time Getting Dumped

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Woe is me. Will I never know love again?

This truly felt like the end of life as you knew it and no amount of crying, ice cream, or ripping up the one photo you took together could mend your broken heart.

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