The Best & Coziest Slippers For Women | Winter 2020

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Plush, fuzzy, warm, cozy... what more could your feet want?

As winter is coming upon us, temperatures are falling and the need for warm and cozy apparel is rising! Whether you need the best fuzzy robes, warmest slippers, or general gift lists, we've got you covered. And by that, we mean tried-and-true brands like Ugg, Lunya, Minnetonka and Madewell have engineered some of the best shearling and faux-shearling footwear to keep your feet happy all winter long — indoors and outdoors!

So, whether you're shopping for yourself, friends, family, or significant others (are all of the above!), here are some great slipper options. We've taken into account price, materials, look and indoor/outdoor wear so that you're sure to be happy with your slipper choice, this winter season! So without further ado, explore all of your slipper options.

Best Slippers For Women

1. Fluff Yeah Genuine Shearling Slingback Sandal


Step out in style with this genuine-shearling slingback that combines the warm-weather appeal of a sandal with the plush comfort of your favorite slipper. What's really cool about this slipper is that with slingback heel, you know that this shoe will always be securely strapped to your foot, keeping things warm and cozy, no matter what the situation is.

These slipper-sandals have taken the world by storm. You'll look trendy and cute in your house or out of your house. If you're still on the fence about this cult-favorite, maybe the thousands of glowing five-star reviews will assuage your fears. And with dozens of color options, you're sure to find a pair that fits your style!

Takeaways: Shearling, sling-back strap, indoor & outdoor wear, comfort, fun color options

Price at time of article: $99.95

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2. Ugg Genuine Shearling Slipper


In this classic, cozy slipper genuine shearling lining creates superior softness and warmth. Ugg recommends you wear it barefoot for maximum benefit, as genuine sheepskin helps keep feet dry and comfortable in cold temperatures. The sturdy sole on ensures durability and makes the style ideal for indoor and outdoor wear.

This shearling slipper definitely has a more classic look than the funky Fluff Yeah slipper. While both are sure to keep your feet warm, comfy and fluffy, the two pairs of slippers definitely appeal to different style preferences! Either way, you can't go wrong. Just like the Fluff Yeah slippers, this genuine shearling slipper also has thousands of glowing five-star reviews.

Takeaways: Classic/traditional, highly-reviewed, fan-favorite, reliable, warm & cozy

Price at time of article: $119.95

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3. Loft Twist Faux Fur Slippers


Step into the lushest kind of comfort with these faux fur slippers, easily the chicest option for cozy lounging. These slippers come in sizes S, M and L, as well as three fun color options: bright red, a type of cheetah print, and classic light grey that goes well with everything!

Reviewers unanimously agree that these slippers are cute, warm and fuzzy! One concern, however, might be lack of grip on hardwood floors. Still, these slippers have great reviews and are set a decent price point and quite the chic look!

Takeaways: Padded memory-foam insole, lightweight, pretty colors and patterns, indoor wear

Price at time of article: $39.50

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4. Lunya Chunky Wool Slipper Sock


A pair of socks so toasty you’ll be tempted to wear them outside the house. These new essential winter socks are crafted with wide rib cuffs and a sueded bottom to keep you and them in place—plus, their stitching detail matches the rest of the Chunky Wool collection so you can perfect your cozy winter look from head-to-toe.

This Soft, natural, thermoregulating yarn creates a feel similar to being wrapped up in your own favorite blanket! What's really cool about these socks is that they come with a freezer sleeve so that you can pop it in overnight for a quick refresh between wears.

Takeaways: Thermoregulating, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, freezer sleeve, incredibly warm, cozy and fitted.

Price at time of article: $98

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5. Madewell Leopard Recycled Faux Fur Quilted Scuff Slippers


Made of supersoft—and recycled (!)—faux fur, these quilted leopard-print slippers are a treat for your feet. Welcome to Cozy Town, population: you.

These Madewell slippers are perfect for the fashionable, eco-friendly shopper! At a more affordable price-point, these slippers will do their job well (i.e. keep your toes nice and warm!), while not breaking the bank! They'll also spice up any indoor outfit with their fun leopard print.

Takeaways: recycled material, fun print, cozy, affordable, indoor wear

Price at time of article: $39.50

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6. Minnetonka Chesney Mule Slipper


Check out these Minnetonka cozy faux-shearling mule slippers. The faux shearling adds warmth and comfort to an easy mule slipper that features a sturdy rubber sole so you can wear it across campus or anywhere you like.

If you don't want to dish out as much money, but love the look of the Classic Ugg Genuine Shearling Slipper, these Minnetonka slippers are the perfect dupe. And make the perfect gift! Handily, they're also available in a wide variety of colors. Get a pair for you and a family member! These are guaranteed to keep your feet warm and happy, and don't worry... the reviews on these slippers are great!

Takeaways: affordable, Ugg dupe, tons of color options, indoor & outdoor wear

Price at time of article: $44.95

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7. Daniel Green Rave II Slipper

Nordstrom/Daniel Green

Though they're the perfect excuse to stay in, these soft and breathable terry scuff slippers have a light yet durable sole for outdoors too.

Takeaways: Padded memory-foam insole, lightweight, pretty colors and patterns

Price at time of article: $29.95

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