Quiz: Only 2% Of The World Will Get 100% On This World Geo Quiz, Can You?

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Do you know the whole world?

Do you think you can get 100% on this world geo quiz? Let's see how much you really know about world landmarks, locations, phrases and facts!

 Aug 10, 2018
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What holiday do Hawaiians celebrate on June 11?
Statehood Day
Kuhio Day
Kamehameha Day
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"Hoosier" is a nickname for a resident of which U.S. state?
Answer 2
Answer 3
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"Old Bay" seasoning is known to be so popular in this U.S. state that they'll put it on just about anything!
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Which U.S. state is referred to as "The Diner Capital of The World"?
Rhode Island
New Jersey
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Cedar Point, "The Rollercoaster Capital of The World" is located in which U.S.state?
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Where is the headquarters of Coca-Cola?
Houston, Texas
Nashville, Tennessee
Atlanta, Georgia
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Which type of food is NOT historic to Louisiana?
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What hard liquor is Kentucky known for producing?
Bourbon Whiskey
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The Golden Gate Bridge in San Franciso is actually...
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The District of Columbia (DC) is located on which river?
The Mississippi
The Potomac
The Euphrates
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"The Cloud Gate" AKA "The Bean" is a famous sculpture located in which city?
Chicago, Illinois
Phoenix, Arizona
Houston, Texas
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Walden Pond is a famous historical place that inspired the work of Henry David Thoreau. Where is it?
Richmond, Virginia
Des Moines, Iowa
Concord, Massachusettes
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Wisconsin is of course famous for its ________ industry.
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Where is The Space Needle located?
Orlando, Florida
Seattle, Washington
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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San Diego, California is bordered by which other country?
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Chichen Itza was a large city built in Yacatan by which people?
The Armenians
The Mayans
The Cherokee
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Stonehenge is a famous prehistoric monument located in which country?
The United Kingdom
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Which language apart from English is an official language of Canada?
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Edinburgh is in which country?
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What is the longest river in Africa?
The Niger River
The Orange River
The Nile
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What is the largest city in the world (by population)?
Tokyo, Japan
Venice, Rome
San Franciso, California
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The Dead Sea located in The Middle East is known for...
Its animals and wildlife
Its fresh water
Its high salt concentration
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