TX Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Texas Words And Phrases Do You Know?

Are you a True-Blue Texan?

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 Jun 06, 2018
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Question: 1/16What does the phrase in quotations mean?

You are at a party in Texas, but you're asked to leave for "Raising Cane"
Being obnoxious
Doing Cocaine

Question: 2/16Choose your answer!

This chocolate pie is amazing. It's as good as...
All Get-Out
Chuck Norris
Never Gonna Give You Up

Question: 3/16Choose your answer!

You know that this guy has no idea what he's talking about, he's obviously "All Hat and No __________."

Question: 4/16Choose your answer!

If your niece is "knee high as a grasshopper", she is:
2-3 years old
Very hyperactive
Aggressive for her size

Question: 5/16Complete the phrase!

It's so dry I'm ___________________.
weaving tobacco
sweating vinegar
spitting cotton

Question: 6/16Choose your answer!

If a woman is "a looker" she's:
Easily distractable
Got a lazy eye

Question: 7/16Choose your answer!

If you're sitting down to dinner in Texas and you order a coke, you'll probably...
Get a weird look because "coke" doesn't exist in Texas.
Get asked what kind of coke.
Be given a pepsi.

Question: 8/16Choose your answer!

If you wanted to invite your friends to come out to dinner with you, you would say:
Hey you all wanna go out to dinner?
Do y'all want some dinner?
Do you guys wanna go get dinner?

Question: 9/16What do the words in quotations mean?

I can't go to the movie tonight, I'm too "tuckered out"

Question: 10/16Choose your answer!

What are "Skeeters"?

Question: 11/16What does the phrase in quotation marks mean?

I was looking for my phone for an hour, but there it was, “Bigger’n Dallas” in my purse.
Trying to hide from me
Right there

Question: 12/16Choose your answer!

Your friend asked you a question but you didn't hear her, so you responded:
Do what?

Question: 13/16What does the word in quotation marks mean?

Just throw the celery into the "icebox"!

Question: 14/16Choose your answer!

If you're at a wedding in Texas eating some kolaches, you're eating...
Deviled eggs
Fruit pastries

Question: 15/16What does the word in quotation marks mean?

You're sure to have a fun day going to a "Schlitterbahn" in Texas.
Ice Cream Store
Water park
Porta Potty

Question: 16/16Complete the phrase!

Go big or go ___________!
over yonder
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