Quiz: You'll Need a Super High IQ to Define All of These PhD Level Words

Do you have a way with words?

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 Sep 08, 2018
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Question: 1/18Choose the correct definition!

An example, pattern, or model
A word or phrase that's the same backwards and forwards
Respect and devotion to a higher power

Question: 2/18Choose the correct definition!

A mutually beneficial relationship
Something that serves as a symbol for something else
A subsect of Biology that focusses on the skin

Question: 3/18Choose the correct definition!

Friendly and agreeable in spirit
Having no emotion, feeling, or concern
Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of appearance

Question: 4/18Choose the correct definition!

Informal or common language
Having or showing great knowledge
Excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures

Question: 5/18Choose the correct definition!

A difference between two opposite things
The choice and clarity of words
Two words that mean the same thing

Question: 6/18Choose the correct definition!

To be focussed on practical results
Sadness or depression
Happiness or excitement

Question: 7/18Choose the correct definition!

A minor objection or criticism
A natural law of science
A proposed explanation for a phenomenon or an educated guess

Question: 8/18Choose the correct definition!

Someone who is foolish or gullible
Someone who can persevere through pain
Designed to teach people something

Question: 9/18Choose the correct definition!

Actions of someone that show their character
Belief in one's self and the ability to accomplish goals
The choice of words used or clarity of language

Question: 10/18Choose the correct definition!

Seperating all parts to look at them individually
Placing two things side by side for contrast
Looking at the whole picture of something

Question: 11/18Choose the correct definition!

Dirty and unclean
Pure and original

Question: 12/18Choose the correct definition!

Convoluted or confusing
Excellent or awe-inspiring
Not real or genuine

Question: 13/18Choose the correct definition!

How words are used to form phrases and sentences
Relating to human experience or the act of existing
When something is contradictory

Question: 14/18Choose the correct definition!

To act maliciously
To go on a tangent or off topic
To feel sadness or depression

Question: 15/18Choose the correct definition!

Heavenly, light, or delicate
Using very few words, brief
Wicked or evil

Question: 16/18Choose the correct definition!

A piece of writing at the beginning of literture
A piece of writing at the end of literature
A sequel or series

Question: 17/18Choose the correct definition!

The common language spoken by a group of people
Involving great effort or difficulty
A model of excellence or perfection

Question: 18/18Choose the correct definition!

To go off on a tangent
An opening statement
The method and practice of teaching
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