Quiz: Are You South Carolina Enough To Get 100% On This Test?

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Are you really from the Palmetto State?

Take this quiz on South Carolina to see how well you know the food, culture, and slang of the Palmetto State!

 Aug 02, 2018
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Which tree is featured on the South Carolina flag?
Palmetto Tree
Birch Tree
Weeping Willow
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Being in the south you've of course had:
Charred pink apples
Fried green tomatoes
Boiled yellow peppers
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What does a red dot on the outside of a store signify?
That they are only open for lunch.
That liquor is sold there.
That they are open 24 hours.
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Sitting on your porch with a big glass of _____ sounds like an afternoon well spent.
Coca cola
Sweet tea
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If you hear "Go Cocks!" you think:
Of college football and fun times
"Gee, that's rude"
Of summertime baseball
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Which of these animals can you find in SC?
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These may just resemble weeds, but you know these are actually protected by law:
Sea Grains
Sea Oats
Sea Whistles
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Which of these well-known schools is located in South Carolina in a town by the same name?
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Come spring and summer, you know there will be a ton of tourists in Charleston for:
Summer solstice celebrations
50th birthday parties
Bachelor and bachelorette parties
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What's the Clemson mascot?
An alligator!
A tiger!
A shark!
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Hot Sauces usually start out with a ketchup or vinegar base, but in South Carolina they use a _________ base.
Black Pepper
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Obviously, you'd address a big group with:
Hey you!
Youse guys
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In South Carolina, if you're at a party and someone asks to "shag” they mean:
To help them put in shag carpeting.
To have relations with them.
To dance
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Where can you go for trout fishing, boating, and other fun activities?
Devil's Fork State Park
Lake Okoboji
Lake Tahoe
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The vegetation that hangs from trees in South Carolina is called ______________.
French Grass
European Silk
Spanish Moss
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Which of these occurred in South Carolina?
The first shots of the Civil War.
The assassination of Franz Ferdinand.
The signing of the Declaration of Independence.
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What's the most famous beach in the state?
Barbara Beach
Myrtle Beach
Mimsy Beach
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Which tree is famous in South Carolina?
The Legendary Redwood
The Angel Oak Tree
The Womping Willow
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Which ingredient is a common pairing with grits?
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Which of these grocery stores might you pop into for a few things?
Jewel Osco
Piggly Wiggly
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Are you from South Carolina? Did you live, work, or go to school there? Do you eat and breath sweet tea? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this quiz might be fun for you! Women.com has geographic based quizzes not only to offer some fun trivia on specific places, but also in order to help reconnect you with your home city, town, state, or region. Whether its a place you went to school or worked, or if you lived there for a period of your life, we want to have a quiz for you so that you can relive some nostalgic memories associated with that place.

Did you or do you live in South Carolina? If so, then you likely have specialized knowledge about the state that you are probably not even consciously aware of—but it makes that location a part of who you are and very important to your identity.

Be sure to share this quiz with your friends and family, no matter what score you get, so that they can share their experience of South Carolina with you as well and you can have a meaningful conversation and connect through your shared geographic experience of the state!

South Carolina has a lot of things that make it unique from the rest of the United States, even from North Carolina. Take this quiz to see if you know the answers to these questions that make South Carolina unique!