Quiz: Can You Answer All Of These Questions About Evanston, Illinois?

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Are you from Heavenston?

Put your knowledge on Evanston Illinois and Northwestern University to the ultimate test with this fun quiz!

 May 07, 2018

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Which comedy film starring Molly Ringwald had much of Evanston in the background?
Pretty Woman!
16 Candles!
Wayne's World!

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Evanston has been named one of America's:
Best cities to live!
Most historic cities!
Most affordable places to live!

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What are the school colors of Northwestern University?
Purple and Black!
Orange and Black!
Green and Black!

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Someone from Evanston would pronounce "Noyes":

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What is "The Taste"?
The Taste of Chicago.
An ice cream chain.
The desire to eat everything all at once.

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Which actress worked in Evanston at a YMCA?
Tina Fey
Julia Roberts
Lindsay Lohan

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If you're taking "The L":
You're getting on the train.
You're betting on the loosing team.
You're taking the bus.

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Northwestern's Mascot is of course named...
Willie the Wildcat
Warren the Walrus
Winnie the Tiger

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What is Dillo Day?
A festival to celebrate Dill.
A day to celebrate Armadillos.
A Music festival hosted by Northwestern.

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Which attendant of The Daily Show transferred to Northwestern University as a Junior?
Adam Sandler
Amy Schumer
Steven Colbert

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"Mustard's Last Stand" is...
An Evanston store that exclusively sells locally made condiments.
A famous Chicago hotdog stand/restaurant.
An expression that means you're taking a stand against something.

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What is "Sarkis"?
What you say instead of "dibs" in Evanston.
A Grocery store chain that is only located in Evanston.
A Cafe restaurant that is one of a kind in Evanston.

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True or False: Bowling was made illegal in Evanston due to the prohibition.

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"Skevanston" is...
What you call something "sketchy" in Evanston.
The overlap of Skokie and Evanston.
The name of a street in Evanston.

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Finish the name of this business: Dave's Down to Earth _______
Bait Shop
Rock Shop

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Which classic comedy movie was filmed in Evanston?
Groundhog Day
Knocked Up
Home Alone 3

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What is "The Rock" on the Northwestern Campus?
A literal rock that students paint messages on.
A bar that is on Lake Michigan.
Dwane "The Rock" Johnson, who resides on campus.
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