Quiz: Can You Answer All Of These Questions About Evanston, Illinois?

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Are you from Heavenston?

Put your knowledge on Evanston Illinois and Northwestern University to the ultimate test with this fun quiz!

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Women.com geographical based quizzes will help you reconnect with towns, cities, and states you are from, went to school in, worked in, or just really love. Take these quizzes to reconnect with your roots, experience some nostalgia for characteristics of your favorite placed, and to share them with your family and friends to have a conversation about the place you have shared experience in. Evanston, Illinois is a suburb of Chicago known for being home to Northwestern University, but also just being a great place to live and to raise a family. Do you really know Evanston Illinois? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the food, streets, locations of interest, and general information or Evanston to see if you qualify as a local. Not only is Northwestern University a prestigious school that contributes to the whole city, but it is known throughout the country as a near ivy-league equivalent. Many famous people are graduates of Northwestern or come from the town of Evanston, and Evanston is also known as a major filming location for a number of famous comedic films. Let's see if you're a Heavenston native! Be sure to share your result no matter what it is with your friends and family who have a connection to Evanston to strike up some nostalgic conversations about your shared experiences!

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