Quiz: Only A True Chesapeake Local Can Score a 70% On This Test!

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Let's take a Chesapeake at these questions!

Test your knowledge on Chesapeake Virginia and Maryland including the food, culture, and geography by taking this quiz on the bay!

 May 09, 2018

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Chesapeake contains more miles of _________ than any other city in the country.
Deepwater canals

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What do you need to be careful doing in Chesapeake?
Using profanity or swearing.
Chewing gum.
Using headphones in public.

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Those from Chesapeake are proud that it is known as...
One of the most populated cities in the United States
One of the most crime-ridden cities in the United States
One of the safest cities in the United States

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What's a snowball?
A frozen treat
A ball of ice...we don't have those in Chesapeake Bay.
A name for a cat

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In Chesapeake, a striped bass may also be called a:

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If someone wants you to come see their new Chessie, what are they referring to?
Their new boat!
Their new dog!
Their new car!

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If someone in Chesapeake asks you for "Wooder", you would give them...
That's disgusting.

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Complete the phrase: Chesapeake ________ Crab

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Which of the following is a popular dish served along Chesapeake Bay?
Maryland stuffed mac and cheese
Pumpkin pecan pie
Chesapeake Bay stuffed Rockfish

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A Chesapeake nickname for fishermen is:

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Chesapeake Bay natives go to White's Nursery for something other than the plants. What is it?
Free popcorn
Free fertilizer
Free cheese

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This popular dish has a tomato base, local beans, vegetables, and meat or chicken
Partridge porridge
A Virginia pot pie
Brunswick stew

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What color writing is on a Virginia driver's license?

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In Virginia, if you hit something with your car, it's probably a:

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Which of these states is a commonwealth?

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Virginia is known as a _______ state.

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If you wanted to go get a Berger, where would you go?
A bakery
A burger joint
A berg

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For Thanksgiving, it is common in Maryland to have stuffing made from:
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This is a geographical based quiz about the Chesapeake bay created by women.com. Are you a native born Marylander, Delawarean, or Virginian? Or, have you lived in one of these states a long time, or visited frequently? If so--you would probably enjoy taking this women.com quiz about the Chesapeake Bay area! We have handcrafted these questions to appeal specifically to locals, natives, and people who are intimately familiar with the area. The Chesapeake Bay is an estuary in District of Columbia and the U.S. states of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia that is beside the Atlantic Ocean. Its northern portion is in Maryland and its southern part is in Virginia, so it has importance in multiple states. Its also a popular vacation spots for people in these states as well as all across the United States. It might also be referred to as "The Chesapeake", "The Chesapeake Bay" and "The Bay" by locals. Are you a native born Chesapeake Virginian, Marylander, or Delawarean? Let's see how much you really know about the Chesapeake Bay area's food, slang, and region. We'll ask you things like what are Bergers, Snowballs, and Chessies, or what special type of crab is known specifically to Cheseapeake Bay. There are also special foods that are often served along the coast such as stuffed seafoods or a certain type of stew. Take this fun quiz to find out how well you really know the region and if your knowledge qualifies you as a local, or if you're just a flatlander in the eyes of the natives.