IQ Drill: Are You Smarter Than 94% of the Population?

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Are you in the top 6% of the population?

Think you know everything? Well take this quiz and find out if you're smarter than 94% of the population! Even the smartest people can't pass!

 Aug 27, 2018

1 of 18Choose your answer!

If someone asks for a Phillips head screwdriver you would give them:
The one with a tip resembling an "X" or a cross
The one with a single ridge at its tip
The one with a tip resembling a 6 star shape

2 of 18Choose your answer!

Which of these snakes is deadly to humans?
Corn Snake
California Kingsnake
Black Mamba

3 of 18Choose your answer!

An octagon has how many sides?

4 of 18Choose your answer!

Which of these is a palindrome?

5 of 18Fill in the blank.

The shape of DNA is referred to as ___________.
A double helix
A triple bypass
A corkscrew

6 of 18Choose your answer!

How many continents are there?

7 of 18Choose your answer!

Which of these words is an onomatopoeia?

8 of 18Choose your answer!

Which color absorbs the most heat?

9 of 18Choose your answer!

What does the word apartheid mean?
High ocean tides
Outside of the law
Racial descrimination

10 of 18Choose your answer!

What is the study of fossils and dinosaurs called?

11 of 18Choose your answer!

Which of these fruits has the highest sugar content?

12 of 18Choose your answer!

What does it mean to digress?
To focus on the subject
To get off topic
To react aggressively

13 of 18Choose your answer!

Name the world's largest ocean.
The Pacific
The Arctic
The Atlantic

14 of 18Choose your answer!

Someone who is disingenuous is...

15 of 18Choose your answer!

Where does a preamble appear in a book?
At the beginning
At the end
At the back cover

16 of 18Fill in the blank.

"Righty-tighty, lefty ______________".

17 of 18Choose your answer!

The term pulmonary relates to which organ?
The spleen
The lung
The heart

18 of 18Choose your answer!

Which of the following can antibiotics NOT treat?
Strep throat
A urinary tract infection
A cold
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