Quiz: Only Those With A PhD In History Can Get 100% On This Test. Can You?

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Once you're finished with it, this quiz will be HISTORY.

Do you know the most important historical facts that every American should know? I certainly hope so...

 Aug 17, 2018
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Ulysses S. Grant appears on which U.S. dollar-bill denomination?
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Which F-word is used for the delay of a Senate matter by debate or proceudral motions?
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What was the first capital city of the United States?
New York
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What famous actor became the governor of California in 2003?
Clint Eastwood
Richard Nixon
Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Joseph Smith was the founder of which religion?
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The official policy of racial segregation in South Africa until 1994 is called what?
Jim Crowe
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Which European country was the first to allow women to vote?
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Who was the president of the Southern Confederacy during the Civil War?
Ulysses S. Grant
Jefferson Davis
James Madison
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There were ____ colonies.
10 of 22Choose your answer.
Who was the second president of the United States of America?
George Washington
Andrew Jackson
John Adams
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In which US state was gold discovered at Sutter's Mill in 1848?
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Where were the first shots of the civil war fired?
South Carolina
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William Penn set up the land that would later come to be known as the state of Pennsylvania for which group?
The Native Americans
The Gypsies
The Quakers
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Who wrote "The Star Spangled Banner"?
William Penn
Fancis Scott Key
Thomas Paine
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Who was the leader of the colony of Jamestown?
John Smith
John Adams
Aaron Burr
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In 1773, parliament passed a tax on what item that caused uproar in Boston?
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These people were strict Christians who traveled to the U.S. to break away from the Church of England.
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The two houses of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives, make up _______.
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What was prohibition in the early 20th Century?
A tax on tea
A ban on alcohol
The abolishment of slavery
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This war started when Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait and was fought between the U.S. and Iraq.
The War of 1812
The War in Afghanistan
The Gulf War
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During World War II the United States fought against three nations which were called the 'Axis':
Japan, North Korea, and France
Germany, Austria, and China
Germany, Italy, and Japan
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California and several other states became part of the United States as the result of which war?
The Civil War
The Gulf War
The Mexican War
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