Quiz: Are You A Chicagoland Native?

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Are you really from CHI-CAH-go?

Quiz your knowledge on the Chicagoland area to see if you know as much as there is to know about Chicago!

 May 02, 2018
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A Chicago hot dog vendor will disapprove of putting ______ on a hotdog.
A bun
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Deep-dish "Chicago-style" pizza is layered with which ingredient on the very top?
The toppings
The tomato sauce
The cheese
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This 100-story skyscraper, now referred to as the Willis Tower, was previously called what name that still sticks with it?
The Tribune Tower
The Sears Tower
The CN Tower
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What is "The Cloud Gate"?
Another name for Navy Pier
Two skyscrapers that intertwine
A giant bean-shaped mirrored sculpture at Millennium Park
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The pier on Lake Michigan in Chicago is of course the...
Chicago Riverwalk
Navy Pier
Michigan Overlook
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The Art Institute of Chicago has a statue of this right out front:
A hotdog
A lion
A pencil
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The Chicago Field Museum of Natural History has the largest what in the world?
Ball of string
Tyrannosaurus Rex
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Christkindlmarket is an annual German Christmas fair held in Chicago. Where is it?
Navy Pier
Times Square
Daley Plaza
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Portillo's is known for its Chicago-Style food even though it has locations outside of Illinois. Which of the following is NOT served at Portillo's?
Chocolate Cake
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The Chicagoland Speedway is..
A bike path that goes along Lake Michigan
A NASCAR racing track
Another name for the O'Hare Airport
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Chicago was the home of which U.S. President?
Donald Trump
George Bush
Barack Obama
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Once a year for a Holiday, the Chicago River is dyed this color:
Green for St. Patrick's Day
Pink for Valentine's Day
Red for the 4th Of July
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If someone in Chicago says "The Loop" what are they talking about?
Downtown Chicago
A Sculpture
A Roundabout
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If you live in Illinois, you know that "Illinois" is pronounced...
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The "Lake Affect" results in..
More snow
More beach visits
Warmer temperatures
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What does Binny's sell?
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If someone says "I take LSD every day" they likely mean:
I take Lake Shore Drive everyday
I take drugs everyday
I take dock landing ships everyday
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"Amtrack" means the same thing as "Metra"
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