Quiz: Could You Pass A 1954 American History Class?

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Do you remember everything that went down in 1954?

Take this fun trivia quiz on the facts of American history in 1954. Will you pass this class? Guaranteed to get your brain juices flowing!

 Sep 15, 2017

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Which of the following countries was NOT part of the Axis Powers in WWII?

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What type of bomb was tested by the US in the Pacific Ocean?
Nuclear bomb
Hydrogen bomb
Atomic bomb

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The "Red Scare" had to do with...

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What was the first British settlement in America?
New York

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What did the US Supreme Court rule about schools in Brown v. Board of Education?
Schools must end by 3PM
One bathroom for all genders is unconstitutional
Segregated schools are unconstitutional

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T/F: Alexander Hamilton was an Early American President.

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Was mass vaccination was given to children in early 1954?
Vaccination against polio
Vaccination against syphillis
Vaccination against chicken pox

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Who wrote the "Star-Spangle Banner"?
Samuel Adams
Paul Revere
Francis Scott Key

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Who released their first single song from Memphis, Tennessee?
Marlon Brando
Taylor Swift
Elvis Presley

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What magazine still around today was published for the first time in 1954?
Sports Illustrated

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How long was George Washington President for?
4 years
2 years
8 years

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What was the name of the country that is now Russia?
Soviet Union

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Which war did Eisenhower NOT want the US to intervene with?
Cold War
World War II
Vietnam War

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What famous pageant was broadcast on television for the first time in 1954?
Miss America
Little Miss America
Miss Teen USA

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What location was closed in New York as a point of Immigration?
JFK Airport
Kepner Station
Ellis Island
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