Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Medical Questions All Grey's Fans Should Know?

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How well do you know the medicine in Grey's Anatomy?

Shonda Rhimes Grey's Anatomy trivia quiz on medical questions for fans, featuring appendectomy, attendings, and interns.

 Apr 23, 2017

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What is a benign tumor?
A removed tumor
A tumor that is not cancerous
A tumor that is cancerous

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What is a craniectomy?
A foot amputation due to gangrene
A procedure where part of the skull is removed to allow the brain to expand
Another word for x-ray

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What must a physician or surgeon complete before their internship?
Medical School
Pay off all of their debts

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What does a "line" general refer to?
A drug
Waiting for someone

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What specialty is Neonatal Surgery a "sub-specialty" of?
Plastic Surgery
Pediatric Surgery
General Surgery

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What does OCD stand for?
Operating Conscience Development
Octave Cognitive Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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What does Orthopedic Surgery involve?
Bones and muscles
The brain

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What is a post-op?
Surgery on the tongue
After operation
Before operation

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What are scrubs?
The layers of human skin
A type of food for people who have their tonsils removed
The attire worn by most medical staff within a hospital

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What are "U's" and "E's"?
Urea and Electrolytes
A fun way to say "you" and "me"

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What does a CBC (Complete Blood Count) test?
The blood of your mother
If you have blood running in your body
The overall health and detection of a large range of disorders

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What does "Code Black" mean?
The color of someone's blood
A bomb in the hospital
Sewage leak in the hospital

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What is cardiomyopathy?
Lung disease
Heart muscle disease
Urinary tract disease

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What is an autopsy?
A surgical procedure that examines a corpse to determine cause of death
A type of vein in the human body
Another word for trauma surgery

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What is an appendectomy?
When your brain no longer has any activity
A seizure
The surgical removal of the appendix

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What is cardiac arrest?
A type of anesthesia
When blood circulation stops throughout the body
A medical specialty about skin

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What happens if someone is DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)?
They cannot be admitted to a hospital
A doctor cannot resuscitate if a person is in cardiac or respiratory arrest
A doctor must ignore all symptoms of this patient

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What is epi (epinephrine)?
Another word for blindness
Cancer of the tongue
A hormone that is released in response for stress

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What might cause hypothermia?
Cold air or water
An embarrassing moment
Hot cheese

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What does it mean if you are inebriated?
You have an incurable disease
You are suffering from exhaustion
You are drunk

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What is an attending?
A doctor in their second year of their internship
A doctor who completed residency and practices medicine
A first year medical student

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What does ER stand for?
Elevator Repair
Epidural Risks
Emergency Room
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