X-Files Season 11 Spoilers: Will Scully Die?


What's coming to Scully in the new 2018 X-Files? Since actress Gillian Anderson is leaving after season 11, a lot. Here are the details!

X-Files Season 11 Spoilers: Will Scully Die In 2018?

X-Files returns tonight, making the hit show the longest-running sci-fi series in television history. If that's not something to celebrate, we don't know what is. But, there's one tiny detail that has been haunting fans ever since it was announced just before the new year. Actress Gillian Anderson, who plays Scully, the yin to agent Mulder's David Duchovny yang in X-files, will leave after season 11. So, fans everywhere have been speculating what's to come for Scully. Will Scully die in X-Files season 11? How will Scully leave The X-Files? We're dying to know! Here are the details on Scully for season 11.

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Is Gillian Anderson Leaving The X-Files In 2018?

For those of you wondering if Anderson's departure as Scully is just a rumor, we've got some devastating news. At New York Comic-Con in October, Anderson spoke to Screen Rant and mentioned that she wasn't up for new episodes past season 11.

"I think this will be it for me," Anderson told the online publication.

But is there hope? Since then, Screenrant has updated the article, saying that Anderson " has not commented on returning as it's premature in that she is currently filming the new event series."

But, that's not where the rumors stop. Anderson then spoke to TV Guide, officially confirming her exit.

"I've said from the beginning, this is it for me," Anderson said.


Why Is Gillian Anderson Leaving X-Files As Scully?

Can't imagine X-Files without Anderson as Scully? Well, neither can we. So, why is she leaving? Well, like most things, it seems that this, too, must come to an end.

In the interview with TV Guide, Anderson said, "I've said from the beginning this is it for me. I was a bit surprised by people's [shocked] reaction to my announcement … because my understanding was that this was a single season."


How Will Scully Leave X-Files?

Now, all we can do is wait. Either Scully leaves X-Files or she dies. Which is worse? If season 11 does well, we're still expecting the show to have a season 12. But, if it does, we'll have to watch without Scully. Show creator, Chris Carter, revealed that there's more to come.

"There are a lot more X-Files stories to tell," Carter told TV Guide. "Whether we get to tell them is a question mark. The truth is out there."

But, will Scully die? In a Reddit AMA, Carter teased fans on the X-Files finale and Scully's exit.

When asked about whether or not Scully was given a "proper goodbye," Carter wrote, "I think you will want to sit down and watch the [season] finale very carefully."

When heckled about Scully never having a desk in the original X-Files series, Carter added, "… If Gillian comes back, Scully will get a desk."

So, since Anderson has the option of coming back, does that mean that Scully doesn't die in the season finale of X-Files? We're going to have to wait and see! At least we know that she makes it until the end of season 11!

Will you watch X-Files without Scully? How do you think Scully will go?


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