Will Jackson And Maggie Get Together On Grey's? Because We're So Over It!


And it's not only because we might lose Japril!

The Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale was devastating in so many ways. Stephanie almost died and then quit, Owen's sister Megan returned as well as his PTSD, and it seems like Meredith might be losing the one man who helped her get over Derek.

But, there was one moment that made fans rage harder than the rest. We're talking about the sudden romance between Jackson Avery and Maggie Pierce. Not only does this random pairing shatter our Japril dreams, but Margaret Pierce does not deserve to be crushed in this love-triangle storyline again!


To be fair, there is still no official word that Maggie and Jackson will get together. But, if you've been watching Season 13, there has been speculation that Maggie and Jackson will become a thing ever since Jackson comforted Maggie over her mother's death. Since then, the idea sort of went away until the season finale, when this happened:

Umm...excuse me? Where did that come from? Yes, Maggie and Jackson were getting closer, it didn't seem like Maggie was concerned for Jackson as anything more than a good friend. Until April made that face, of course.

Then, later in the episode, April gives Maggie her blessing since she knows what Jackson looks like when he's interested in someone, and he was interested in Maggie.

But...uhhh...was he?


April and Jackson have been through so much for so long that fans can't help but root for them. And in all honesty, especially after the Japril the Sequel episode, "Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?," it seems like April and Jackson will be endgame, no matter the obstacle.

So, the random pairing between Jackson and Maggie not only pales in terms of development, it seems like their relationship will be just another obstacle before Japril 2.0 can exist. And none of these characters deserve to be put in this situation again.


We've already seen this storyline with Jackson, April, and Matthew. They ended up ditching Matthew and married. They ended up happy (kind of).

And then there's Maggie. Poor Maggie. Maggie has gotten hurt so many times, from her mother dying to the love triangle with Riggs and Meredith. Why can't she just get a storyline where she gets a win unrelated to a recycled storyline?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

But, who knows? Maybe we're wrong! Maybe Shonda will show us how wonderful Maggie and Jackson are together while allowing Maggie (and April) to shine. Maybe this time next year, we will be rooting for Jaggie.


What do you think about Maggie and Jackson, Grey's fan!?

Grey's Anatomy returns this fall on ABC!

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