Who Is the Next Bachelor 2019? Spoilers and Predictions

who is the next bachelor 2019, announcement
The Bachelorette via ABC

Who is the next Bachelor 2019? Spoilers and prediction for Bachelor Nation's early pick inside. Are all the rumors true?

Who Is The Next Bachelor?

The Bachelorette via ABC

For potential spoilers on 2019's Bachelorette, go here.

Bachelor Nation has been riding a trainwreck ever since Arie's debacle in the season 22 finale of The Bachelor. And clearly, that hasn't stopped us from watching the drama unfold in The Bachelorette season 14 with Becca. While the recent season of The Bachelorette comes to a close and Bachelor in Paradise is up on the horizon, we can't help but get ahead and wonder who is the next Bachelor for 2019?   

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Bachelor season 23 and The Bachelorette season 14.

UPDATED: The Bachelor for season 23 has been announced! Are you ready?

Who Won The Bachelorette?

The Bachelorette via ABC

While we are cheering for our girl Becca to find true love, we (along with the rest of Bachelor Nation) are all hoping for a great guy to be crowned The Bachelor. And since whoever is named the Bachelor of season 23 can't really be engaged to Becca unless they break up or if Becca pulls an Arie, we're pretty confident that the winner of The Bachelorette won't be the man chosen for season 23. Right now, at least.

Spoilers that broke before The Bachelorette even began airing revealed that Garrett is the winner of Becca's heart. While there might be bumps since the series finale wrapped, it's likely that they are still together.

So, for now, we can count Garrett out. But, we'll see what happens in the next few weeks.

Who Is The Next Bachelor for 2019?

The Bachelor via ABC

Now, for the fun stuff. Who could be the next Bachelor in 2019? Will it be Blake? Or perhaps Jason? Or what about Colton? Or maybe we'll get another wildcard like Arie.

Well, we're sad to say that we don't know who will be the next Bachelor. Officially, anyway. But, according to some of our very early predictions and fans across the internet, it looks like fan favorites for the new Bachelor are Blake and Colton. 

While our bets are on Blake, Colton's involvement in Bachelor in Paradise doesn't mean that he won't be the new Bachelor. While we know that Tia and Colton had a thing, we know that they do not leave the island together and are not a couple today. So, there's still hope that Colton's our new Bach, right?

But, until an official announcement has been made, we won't know who the next Bachelor is. We will update this article once we know. So, when will that be?

When Will The Bachelor 2019 Be Announced?

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Rumors have spread that the Bachelor has been chosen for season 23. However, we aren't so sure, especially since ABC revealed Arie as the Bachelor in October of 2017, after the finale of Paradise aired. 

But, if the rumors are true and ABC has chosen their leading man for 2019, then it's possible that the announcement will be made in the After the Final Rose special of The Bachelorette. So, stay tuned.

Update: The announcement was not made at the end of The Bachelorette. So, see you in Paradise, Bachelor Nation!

UPDATE: The Bachelor Has Been Announced

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Ready to find out who is our next Bachelor for season 23? You're never going to believe this! It's Colton. Yes, the kid from Becca K's season of The Bachelorette and the latest "loser" of Bachelor in Paradise is going to be The Bachelor. Third time's a charm, right? Will you be watching?

To cast your vote for who you want(ed) to be the next Bachelor, click here! And yes, it looks like fans didn't want to see Colton with that season 23 title.