Who Does Colton End up With on 'The Bachelor'? An Investigation (UPDATED)

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Will Colton get engaged at the end of season 23?

Who Does Colton Underwood End Up With? Spoilers Reveal The Bachelor Is Engaged To...(UPDATED)

Are you excited for The Bachelor season 23 premiere, Bachelor Nation? Because you should be!

Fan-favorite Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise contestant, Colton Underwood, is back and ready to find love on the ABC reality franchise. Third time's a charm, right?

While the season hasn't aired its premiere just yet, fans are already wondering if Colton finds love this time around. And if so, who does Colton end up with or even engaged to?

Lucky for you, we've got some major spoilers straight from the same people who revealed the final winner of Becca's season of The Bachelorette. So we'd say that this one is probably correct too.

Dying to find out who Colton chooses at the end of The Bachelor season 23? Keep reading to find out. But this is a warning to all of you Bachelor lovers out there. This article contains spoilers for the final few episodes.

Who Are Colton's Final Four Girls?

If you aren't quite ready to find out who wins over Colton's heart by the end of the season, then we're happy to announce the final four girls, according to Reality Steve.

Drum roll please.

The final four are Tayshia Adams, Hannah Godwin, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and Cassie Randolph.

Who Is Colton Engaged To?

Earlier this November, Reality Steve also revealed that not only do we know the final four girls of Colton's season, we now know the winner.

Hometown dates began filming on October 27 and the final rose ceremony in the U.S. was filmed on November 3, where Caelynn became the third runner-up before the crew went on to Portugal.

However, this is when things start to get dramatic.

According to Reality Steve, we won't be getting a final rose ceremony with two women. Nor will we get a final three rose ceremony.

The Bachelor via ABC

Colton is certainly not playing any games this season.

Supposedly after an overnight date with Cassie, Colton eliminated Tayshia and Hannah. In the end, Colton picked Cassie and they are now engaged.

Excuse me?

But how will this actually play out? And does this mean we'll get to see Colton and Cassie get married? We're going to have to watch and see.


Scratch everything you read in regards to Cassie and Colton because it looks like Cassie was not ready to get engaged on The Bachelor. According to Reality Steve, while Colton did go after Cassie after she got cold feet and Colton went after her, the couple decided that they didn't need to get engaged. So, at the end of all of that, Colton and Cassie simply continue dating at the end of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor Premieres on January 7 on ABC

Are you ready for this season, Bachelor Nation? Sounds crazy if you ask us!