Where To Watch Scandal Season 6 Online And For Free


The final season of Scandal is here and we NEED to catch up on Season 6 before Season 7 arrives!

The final season of Scandal is about to premiere on Thursday, October 5th at 9|8c as part of TGIT, and we're so excited! But, seeing as the Scandal Season 6 finale was forever ago, we think it's about time to catch up on all of Olivia Pope's (Kerry Washington) drama with a nice bottle of wine and a binge-watching session of Scandal Season 6 before the premiere of Scandal Season 7! So, where can you watch Scandal Season 6 online and for free?


Where To Watch Scandal Season 6 Online For Free

If you were lucky, you probably would have already realized that you could have watched Scandal Season 6 online at ABC.com for free with your cable provider. However, with Season 7 coming, you can only catch up on the Season 6 finale. For now, you'll have to settle for the Season 6 recaps and clips if you want to watch Scandal via ABC.


Where To Watch Scandal Season 6 Online: Netflix

If you have Netflix, you're in luck! You have the entirety of Scandal Season 6 and Season 1-5 at your fingertips on Netflix. Craving a major Scandal binge-watching session before Season 7? You got it! And while you can't watch Scandal Season 7 on Netflix as soon as it airs on ABC, it will likely become part of Netflix's catalogue one month after the Scandal series finale airs. And who knows? Perhaps Season 7 will arrive sooner, especially considering Shonda Rhimes' recent deal with Netflix.


Where To Watch Scandal Season 6 Online: Hulu

If you have a Hulu subscription and looking to watch Scandal Season 6 on Hulu, you're out of luck! You can only watch the Season 6 finale of Scandal on Hulu right now, and it looks like they're going to take it off soon. However, you should be able to watch new episodes of Scandal Season 7 on Hulu only hours after they air on ABC.


Are you ready for Scandal Season 7?? Are you ready for it to be the FINAL premiere?

Scandal Season 7 premieres on Thursday, October 5 at 9|8c on ABC!

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