When Will Riverdale Season 2 Be On Netflix?


When will Riverdale Season 2 come to Netflix US?

When Will Riverdale Season 2 Be On Netflix US?

Riverdale Season 2 will be airing on Wednesday, October 11 on The CW, and we bet that you want in on the action, right? Well, you're in luck! We got all the details on Riverdale Season 2, from spoilers and predictions to sneak peek clips of your favorite Riverdale mysteries. We have you covered. But, fans everywhere are wondering when will Riverdale Season 2 be on Netflix?

UPDATE: April 23


Will Riverdale Season 2 Stream On Netflix When It Airs?

Unfortunately, Riverdale Season 2 will not be made available to stream on Netflix as soon as the episode airs on The CW. So, each episode of Riverdale Season 2 will not be added to Netflix in real time.

If you are looking for a place to watch Riverdale Season 2 online when it airs on The CW, you can always watch Riverdale Season 2 for free on The CW's official website.

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When Will Riverdale Season 2 Be On Netflix?

If you're wondering when the Riverdale Season 2 release date is on Netflix, then we've got some bad news. Since Season 2 hasn't even premiered yet on The CW, we don't have an exact date for the Riverdale Season 2 release date on Netflix.

However, much like any other show being added to Netflix, we expect the second installment to the Riverdale series to be added to Netflix about a month after the season finale airs. Until then, you can always binge-watch all of Riverdale Season 1 on Netflix now. So, be sure stay tuned with us to find out when Riverdale Season 2 comes out on Netflix!

Update: Season 2 of Riverdale will finally come out on Netflix sometime in May. While the Netflix release date has yet to be set, the streaming site has confirmed a May debut.


Riverdale Season 2 Premieres On Wednesday, October 11 at 8|7c on The CW.

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