When Will New Girl Season 7 Be On Netflix?


When Will New Girl Season 7 Be On Netflix?

The final season of New Girl has finally arrived. While we will miss Jess (ZooeyDeschanel), Nick (Jake Johnson), and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) most of all, we know it's time. The series feels completely different than it did when it first began, but we're still here every week. Half of us have even jumped from cable television to streaming services since New Girl first aired. Although the sixth season just arrived at Netflix, we just know that we'll zip by season 6 during our next Netflix binge-ing session. So, we're left wondering when will New Girl season 7 be on Netflix? How much longer do we have to wait for season 7 of New Girl? We're dying here! Here's everything we know about New Girl season 7 release date on Netflix!

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Is New Girl Season 7 On Netflix Yet?

The anticipation for New Girl season 7 to arrive on Netflix is killing us. The final season will air on Fox starting April 10, 2018. But, will New Girl be released on Netflix as it airs live on television? This would be a first considering Netflix's model. Sadly, it looks like it's business as usual. New Girl season 7 is not available on Netflix just yet and we probably won't see new episodes anytime soon. So, when will we get to see season 7 of New Girl on Netflix?

The season 6 finale aired on April 4, 2017. So, fans missed out on new episodes for an entire year. It's a good thing that the show skips ahead six years because it definitely feels that long. The However, if Fox follows the same schedule as they did for season 6, then we should see season 7 on Netflix a year after the series finale. So, when is the series finale? How many episodes is New Girl season 7? Although we usually get 22 episodes, we are only getting 8 episodes. Did your heart just drop? Because mine did. This means that the season 7 series finale of New Girl should premiere on May 15, 2018. So, mark your calendars, kids!

But, will Fox make viewers wait an entire year before adding New Girl season 7 on Netflix? Seeing as we will only be eight episodes deep, we don't think that we'll have to wait one year. Especially since it's the season finale, and it looks like Netflix and Fox strategically adds new episodes when the next season premiere airs live. So, we're probably looking at a few short months. That is unless Fox pulls New Girl entirely off of Netflix's catalog and onto Hulu's by then. But, don't fret. We'll update you as soon we hear anything to do with New Girl season 7's Netflix release!

Until then, where can you watch New Girl season 7?

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Where You Can Watch New Girl Season 7

While we know you're sad that you can't watch New Girl season 7 on Netflix just yet, you've got plenty of other options, including Fox's official website, Hulu, Amazon, and iTunes.

Did you know that you can watch New Girl season 7 on demand through Fox's website. However, it looks like Fox has changed up their streaming policy and they will only allow you to watch an hour of television before making you log into your cable provider. So, you can stream all episodes of New Girl season 7 for free as soon as it airs on live television. However, you'll have limited access. So, you'll either have to watch every week or you can also choose other options.

If you were ever curious about getting Hulu and you love New Girl, now might be the time to buy a subscription. You can purchase a free trial and see if you like it, but you can watch new episodes of New Girl season 7 a day after they air on Fox. You can also choose to buy Hulu Live TV, which will give you access to live channels and Hulu's entire streaming library to stream anytime and anywhere.

You can also choose to purchase individual episodes or the entire season of New Girl season 7 through a variety of different platforms. This includes iTunes, Vudu, and Amazon Video. Both options will allow you to purchase and keep episodes of your favorite Fox show anytime you like, even if they're taken off of other platforms.

And as we mentioned above, New Girl season 7 isn't on Netflix yet, but will probably be added in the future. Until then, these options should keep you satisfied! Or you can just watch seasons 1-6 on Netflix now!

How will you be watching New Girl?