This Grey's Anatomy Doctor Is In Danger!

A sneak peek at Season 13 Episode 23 shows one of our favorite doctors in a life-threatening situation!

Uh oh! It looks like trouble is brewing over at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and at least one of our favorite doctors have been put in immediate danger one episode before the season finale.


ABC recently released a sneak peek for Thursday's episode, "True Colors," and we're freaking out over the safety of Stephanie Edwards. We were just getting ourselves prepared for the firey season finale, so we weren't exactly prepared for what we saw in the clip! In it, Jackson Avery trying to find Edwards, but she isn't responding to any messages.

We were pretty calm until Bailey immediately calls a Code Orange and then we see Edwards wheeling a dangerous patient throughout the hospital. Talk about terrifying!

We also know that Jerrika Hinton, who plays Edwards, is leaving Grey's Anatomy as a series regular since she was recently cast on a new HBO show. It definitely seems like this dangerous patient is preparing Edwards for her exit. Will she be killed off? We don't want to see that happen! But, even if she isn't killed, we're not sure Edwards would want to go back to a place where she could have been murdered.

Good luck tonight, Grey's fans! We're all going to need it!

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h/t: Moviefone

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