5 Things That Keep Me Motivated When I'm Feeling Uninspired

things to stay motivated when you're uninspired and tired
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We all need a little help sparking creativity.

Things That Keep Me Going When I'm Feeling Uninspired

Despite my self-deprecating tendencies, I can admit that I am a hard worker.

Perhaps it stems from being raised by an Asian tiger mom or perhaps it stems from trying to feel accepted in the American workforce, where most people have to earn a two-week vacation and people are afraid of losing their jobs if they take their 15-minute break. Perhaps it's a mixture of the two. Whatever it is, when I set a goal, I will achieve it by any means possible. Even if it kills me.

While that in itself is a problem, as a creator and writer, this leaves me burnt out, tired, and uninspired to do my work. On my deathbed, I don't want to be one of those people who wished they didn't work so hard. I want to find joy in my work and become someone who doesn't put their career above everything.

There needs to be a balance. So, when I'm feeling dreadful and totally uninspired, I'm proactive about finding motivation, even if that means taking a bit of time for myself.

Looking for a way to stay motivated? Here are a few things that keep me inspired when I need it the most.

Tune Out the World With Spotify

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When you're feeling uninspired, I find that listening to some music or a podcast can help. I personally have playlists on Spotify for every mood, from inspiring tunes to nostalgia throwbacks that simply give me joy. Some people even find that listening to something different can help spark some inspiration, too.

Treat Myself to 20 Minutes of Face Masking

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There's nothing I love more than a great face mask. It's the only thing that can really bring me back when I'm feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or even uninspired. I just take a step back from everything for about 20 minutes to unwind and relax with my face mask. Then I feel a bit more recharged and ready to take on the world.

While you can get face masks pretty much anywhere these days, I love having a Facetory subscription to receive 7 K-beauty sheet masks at my doorstep every month.

Take a Walk With Pokémon Go

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Sometimes all you need to do to clear your head is to take a quick stroll. If I'm feeling a little anxious and uninspired, I'll push myself to go out on a walk. However, it's been less of a struggle since Pokémon Go came out. Now, I have all the more reason to leave the house and explore when I need a break.

Draw Something on My iPad Pro

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Okay, so you don't need an iPad Pro or even an iPad to do this. It's a personal preference I simply love drawing digitally on Procreate. You can get away with this one with a pencil and sheet of paper. Regardless, sometimes when I am seeking a boost of creativity, I will let my mind wander off and doodle. Then I'll come back refreshed and ready to go.

Freewrite in a Journal

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Can you solve writer's block with more writing? Yes! In fact, some believe that one of the best ways to get inspired is to just start writing. It doesn't really matter exactly what you write, just let it flow out of you. Since I typically write with a keyboard, I'll grab a physical notebook and set aside about 10 minutes to write what's on my mind. Who knows? You might even get a few great ideas.

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