The Friendships of Grey's Anatomy: Ranked

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"You're my person."

The Friendships of Grey's Anatomy: Ranked

People might know Grey's Anatomy for its epic romances, but only a true Grey's fan knows that the friendships are even more extraordinary! So, here are our top 8 friendships of Grey's Anatomy! Do you agree with our picks?

8. Jackson Avery And April Kepner

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Before they were #Japril, Jackson and April were best friends. Their chemistry was fantastic and they did everything they could to support each other. To be honest, maybe these two would have been even more extraordinary as friends.

7. Cristina Yang And Dr. Thomas

Who doesn't love Dr. Thomas! Cristina learned so much about herself and became a better person out of this friendship. It was definitely special. And we will never forgive Shonda for killing Mr. Feeny...err, I mean, Dr. Thomas.

6. Jackson Avery And Mark Sloan

We love and miss The Plastics Posse! Despite this friendship blossoming from a mentorship, this duo was definitely in it for life. Honestly! Mark stood up for Jackson numerous times and Jackson's goodbye to Mark is everything. I get a little teary eyed just thinking about it.

5. Derek Shepherd And Mark Sloan

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How could we keep these two off our list? McDreamy and McSteamy sure had a rocky start, but they were able to work out their differences and support one another.

4. Callie Torres And Mark Sloan

From super hot hookup to raising a child together, Mark and Callie had so much unconditional love for one another. It was admirable. Their friendship was hilarious, pure, and magical. While it still stings anytime someone brings up Mark, we smile when we think of the good times, every time.

3. Miranda Bailey And Richard Webber

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Nothing says family like Bailey and Webber. They are each other's hospital spouse and we couldn't see Grey Sloan Memorial running without them! They have been supportive of one another throughout the years, regardless of the events that happened in Season 13.

2. Meredith Grey Alex Karev

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After Cristina left in Season 10, Alex became Meredith's person. And that's saying something. They're the last two left. They've survived so much together. And if Season 13 taught us anything, it's that MerLex is here to stay.

1. Meredith Grey And Cristina Yang

Did you think anyone else would top this list? Meredith and Cristina were each other's first person. Despite Cristina's departure, they are soulmates. They laughed. They loved. They fought. They made mistakes. They supported each other. They danced it out. They were Twisted Sisters. They reminded us that friendship is one of the most important things in life. MerTina is Grey's best friendship.

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