The 7 Trickiest Love Triangles On Grey’s Anatomy, Ranked


The Trickiest Love Triangles On Grey's Anatomy, According to You

Love triangles. The joy, the heartache, and the drama that inevitably follows. What's not to love about a good love triangle, especially if that love triangle is on Grey's Anatomy! After 14 dramatic and heartbreaking seasons, Grey's Anatomy has certainly perfected the art of the love triangle. So today, we are taking a look at 7 of the trickiest love triangles on Grey's Anatomy!

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When Grey's Anatomy fans think of love triangles, they automatically think of Addison Montgomery, Derek Shepherd, and Meredith Grey. Honestly, did anyone see that Season 1 finale coming? It was crazy and compltetely changed the narrative! We also loved to hate (then fall in love with) Addison, too!


This love triangle was so deep that it started before the show even began! But, it gave us a ton of background for both Ellis and Richard and just how unhealthy their love for each other was, particularly for Ellis.


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Okay. So, maybe this one would be more accurately named if it were Alex/Izzie/Izzie's tumor. But, it does happen after Denny's death, and it shows us that Denny was the love of Izzie's life. Regardless, Izzie is still in a relationship with Alex when it happens and the storyline itself was just incredibly sad to watch.


OMG. Everything about this love triangle was crazy, from the moment Jackson and April slept together before their exam to the moment Jackson whisked April way during her own wedding, we were in shock. And poor Matthew was just something in the way of fate.

And speaking of April and Jackson, we are pretty sure that there will be another love triangle in Season 14. But, this time, Maggie Pierce is involved. Please don't let Maggie become Matthew 2.0!


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McVet or McDreamy! Who would you choose? Well, that's exactly the decision Meredith had to make in Season 3 after Derek finally picked, chose, and loved Meredith over Addison.


This one was probably the most complicated love triangle, but everyone involved managed to pull it off with ease! Maybe that had to do with the fact that Callie and Mark weren't in love with each other, but we certainly loved the loving family that all three created!


George's marriage to Callie was nothing but weird. But, so was George's sudden relationship with Izzie! And they pretty much happened at the same time. Everything was a mess and no one involved really made it out unscathed.