Should You Pop Your Hip? An Investigation

should you pop your hip
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Wondering whether or not it's safe to pop your hip? Here's what we know.

Should I Pop Or Crack My Hip?

If you've ever experienced stiffness or pain in your hips, as if they are misaligned or more difficult to move, then you've probably tried to pop or crack your hip. While it seems like a natural thing for your body to do sometimes even on its own, should you pop your hip? Is it safe to do exercises that crack your hip in the hopes of strengthening them? Here's what we know.

Please keep in mind that we are not medical professionals. If you have any further questions or concerns, we recommend speaking to your doctor.

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When You Should Pop Your Hip

Can popping your hip be harmful to your body? Let's get straight down to it, shall we?

In general, it should be fine to infrequently pop your hips. After all, you can pop your hips when you do something as simple as a sit-up or leg lift.

Stiffness is common, especially as you get older or an event such as a sports injury or pregnancy, so don't worry. Sometimes you just need to crack your hip. And that's ok and normal if it happens from time to time. So, if you are infrequently feeling a little bit "off" around your hip area and there is no pain, then you can pop or crack your hip.

However, you'll want to do some slow and gentle workouts like butterfly stretches, side lunges, or the pigeon pose, rather than any sort of strenuous activities.

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And When You Shouldn't

So, when isn't it safe to pop your hip?

Typically, your hip joint has cartilage to protect your bones from directly rubbing against each other and tendons to connect the muscles and bones together. If the tendons ever become inflamed, then the cartilage can break down and cause issues.

If you are feeling pain in your hip area or if you feel like there's a chance you have been injured, then we strongly advise you not to pop your hip and to seek medical attention from a trusted healthcare provider.

Also, if your hips are frequently making a cracking sound on their own or if they pop out of places multiple times a week, then it's possible you have an issue with your joints. In which case we would also recommend seeking medical attention.