Shonda Rhimes Admits She Regrets Killing Off This Grey's Anatomy Character

We do too, Shonda!

After 13 seasons, Grey's Anatomy is no stranger to tragedy. In fact, devastating moments are so embedded into the core of the show that it wouldn't feel the same without them. That being said, it's really no surprise that showrunner Shonda Rhimes would have some regrets over killing off at least one character.

Recently, Entertainment Weekly spoke with Rhimes, Ellen Pompeo (who plays Meredith Grey), and episode director Peter Horton in a look back at the second half of the Season 2 two-parter episode "As We Know It". The episode premiered following the Super Bowl in 2006, and it ended with a bang (pun intended).

When discussing the episode, Rhimes admitted that there was one character from this episode that she regrets killing off: Dylan Young the bomb squad guy who helped Meredith through the episode.


When speaking to EW about the episode, Rhimes recalled several aspects of Kyle Chandler's performance as Dylan Young:
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Sigh. We didn't want him to explode, either, Shonda! But, at least Chandler's performance earned him a rightful spot in the heart's of Grey's fans as one of our favorite guest stars. (He even came back for a few episodes!) Chandler also went on to become a well-established actor, most notably playing the beloved Coach Eric Taylor on Friday Night Lights. Not too shabby!

Which character would you bring back, Grey's fans?!

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