Sandra Oh Is Officially Returning To Television.. But Not To Grey's Anatomy


Will Cristina Yang EVER Return to Grey's Anatomy?

We've missed seeing Sandra Oh, who played the beloved Cristina Yang on Grey's Anatomy, since her departure from the show in 2014. In fact, fans constantly ask Sandra whether or not Cristina will ever come back to Grey's Anatomy, and we desperately beg showrunner Shonda Rhimes to write Cristina back into the Grey's universe every chance we get. Lucky for us, Oh has been cast in a new show and will be returning to series regular television! Unlucky for us, she's not returning as Cristina Yang just yet.

Oh recently tweeted a photo with Grey's Anatomy on-screen husband, Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt. Obviously, this sparked some hope that Oh would be returning to the ABC as the great Cristina Yang.

But a month later, our dreams of a Cristina Yang return was put on hold when Oh tweeted the news of her first series regular role since leaving Grey's Anatomy. She will play the lead in the new BBC America series "Killing Eve." And we are so excited!

The Hollywood Reporter stated:

Even if we are disappointed that Oh will not be returning to Grey's Anatomy as Cristina Yang, we are ecstatic for her and this new lead role. Which, by the way, sounds insanely badass. Definitely fitting for the talented Sandra Oh!

And just because Oh will be playing Eve rather than Cristina, that doesn't necessarily mean that she won't be returning to Grey's Anatomy. In the past, Oh has mentioned that she has spoken to Shonda about coming back for a quick appearance, but it would have to feel right. So, please Shonda and Sandra! Make it happen!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

"Killing Eve" is expected to premiere in 2018. Will you be watching?

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