The Most Painful Grey's Anatomy Finales, Ranked

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Grey's Anatomy season finales are anything but ordinary. After the incredible season 14 finale, we can't help but remember all the drama from the past 13 years. And boy, Grey's Anatomy has certainly had some insane season finales. So without further adieu, here is the definitive ranking of all 14 Grey's Anatomy season finales, from most painful to least!

And the best part? You get to choose which Grey's Anatomy finales left you gutted the most. So, get out the tissues. It's time to relive every heartbreaking finale.

Season 8 - "Flight"


This episode was one of the most pivotal moments in Grey's Anatomy history. We were in shock from beginning to end, and even some long-time fans stopped watching the show after this episode. We were already devastated over the crash itself, especially since a lot of our favorites were involved. But, it was Mark and Lexie's heartbreaking goodbye that completely DESTROYED our hearts. We're still in pain just thinking about it. All we can say is the universe (ahem Shonda) is so screwed up.

Shots of tequila needed: The limit does not exist

Season 6 - "Death And All His Friends"

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This episode was unexpectantly terrifying from the moment Reed was shot until the bitter end. Charles was shot and poor Bailey had to watch him die. Meredith miscarried. Alex was shot. Derek was shot. Then Cristina operated on Derek with a gun pointed to her head. NO. NO. NO. This is an episode that we are still not over, and we hate Shonda for making us (and all of our favorite doctors) go through it. We were completely beside ourselves with a sea of fear, sadness, and anger.

Shots of tequila needed: Just take the whole bottle

Season 5 - "Now Or Never"

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This episode was relatively tame to begin with, but we ended up suffering inexplicable pain. We started out worrying about Izzie and her not-so-great recovery from her surgery. And then it happened. We panicked when Izzie went limp in Alex's arms. Then, John Doe gets his message across to Meredith and it turns out it's 007 A.K.A. FREAKING GEORGE O'MALLEY! Then, we see Izzie on the elevator (on the way up to heaven, probably) and when the doors open, it's George. Honestly, we almost didn't have the heart to watch the following season. GEORGE DESERVED BETTER, DAMNIT!

Shots of tequila needed: 5

Season 2 - "Losing My Religion"

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Seattle Grace prom? What could possibly go wrong? EVERYTHING, I TELL YOU! EVERYTHING went wrong! We were just settling down from Izzie's decision to cut Denny's LVAD wire when we realized that he could be ok! But, Shonda Rhimes tore that hope away from us in about two seconds. Denny proposed to Izzie, but when she left to get ready for the prom, he died ALONE! Then, when Izzie found out that he died, she just...lay there with him, and Alex has to carry her out of the room. We can't. It's too heartbreaking to think about, and we can never listen to "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol again without sobbing.

Shots of tequila needed: 4

Season 11 - "You're My Home"

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This episode is another one that lacked the devastating moments that Grey's is known for. But, it's likely because we lost our favorite McDreamy a few episodes before. Now, that, was traumatic enough. However, his departure did not go unnoticed in the finale, and this broke us harder than we thought it would. We still get misty-eyed just thinking about it. Meredith decided to share Derek's last phone message with Amelia, who had been struggling with Derek's death, especially since Mer ended Derek's life-saving measures before letting the rest of the family know. This, being Derek's last real scene, broke our hearts into a million pieces all over again.

Shots of tequila needed: 2

Season 13 - "Ring Of Fire"


The Season 13 finale was on fire, alright. We were completely panicked when it came to Stephanie and the fire. We even were freaked out over Jackson, seeing as he had a thing with going into potentially explosive buildings or buses to save someone. Even if no one actually died in this episode like we expected, we were pretty heartbroken when Mer told Riggs that his ex was still alive. In fact, it was probably the first time we actually cared about Riggs at all. But, it was Stephanie's departing words that broke us the most. We sniffled as she decided to do what was best for her, and we cried hysterically when she told Webber that he changed her life, especially after the way he was treated throughout the whole season. You will be missed, Edwards.

Shots of tequila needed: 3

Season 9 - "Perfect Storm"

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SO many things happened on this season finale. Our emotions were toyed with throughout the entire episode, and every scene hurt us in so many different ways. Owen and Cristina broke up for good. Arizona cheated on Callie with Owen. Jackson almost died in a bus crash explosion, which also made April realize that she loved him. Webber gets electrocuted. Meredith almost died on the freaking operating table after giving birth to her son! It broke our hearts when she was instructing Shane what to do when she knew she might die, and it completely destroyed us when Cristina and Derek spoke about the many things our girl Mer has endured.

Shots of tequila needed: 2.5

Season 3 - "Didn't We Almost Have It All?"

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Things were looking up if not a little weird in this season finale. Again no one died, but everything seemed a bit off, from Cristina's behavior to the extravagance of the wedding itself, since it was totally not Cristina. But, it was Cristina's breakdown after Burke left her at the altar that broke our hearts the most. The scene is such an incredible storm of devastation and relief. We all gasped with Cristina as she tore off her necklace and ugly-cried even harder when Meredith wrapped her arms around her person. No one could have pulled that scene off better than Sanda Oh.

Shots of tequila needed: 2

Season 10 - "Fear (Of The Unknown)"


This episode wasn't jam-packed with a whole lot of drama and devastation. In fact, it's very tame. But, it's also the last time we get to see one of our favorite Twisted Sisters, Cristina Yang. Her departure cuts us so deep that it moved this season finale up on our list. Tears rolled down our face as we watched her say goodbye to Owen in silence, hug Derek goodbye, and dance it out with Mer, her person, for the last time. Please bring her back, Shonda. PLEASE.

Shots of tequila needed: 1

Season 14 - "All of Me"

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This episode isn't necessarily painful...unless you read between the lines. Then it's just downright heartbreaking. Shonda and Company finally gave fans a JoLex wedding, despite a few bumps along the way. While fans were happy about our favorite couple on the show, they had to mourn two fan-favorite doctors. Yes, the season 14 finale was our goodbye to Arizona Robbins and April Kepner, two major characters on the show. And while the episode ends on a happy note, their departure was a complete shock to fans. Perhaps when we binge-watch Grey's down the line, this episode will be less painful. But, for now, we're still pretty gutted.

Shots of tequila needed: 1

Season 4 - "Freedom, Parts 1 And 2"

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This one is painful, but it's pretty manageable. The medical storylines between the boy trapped in cement and the two heartbreaking lovers from the clinical trial made this episode ooze with drama. But, it was Erica Hahn breaking up with Callie and then our girl Meredith making her first big romantic gesture for Derek that has us tearing up!

Shots of tequila needed: 1

Season 1 - "Who's Zoomin' Who?"


Yes, the first season finale was epic. We were all shocked when Addison Montgomery-Shepherd came in like a wrecking ball in Meredith's already complicated love life with McDreamy. It was our first taste of Shonda's plot twists. But, that's the point. It was just a taste.

Shots of tequila needed: 0.5

Season 7 - "Unaccompanied Minor"

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There were a lot of sad things going on in this episode, but it felt more like the average Grey's episode than a *Grey's finale. Yes, we were all mad at Alex for snitching on Meredith for tampering with Derek's Alzheimer's trial. We were worried about MerDer because of the trial as well. We were also sad when Cristina found out that she was pregnant and didn't want to keep the baby, which would lead to SO MUCH drama with Owen. But, in no ways was this finale painful, compared to others, at least.

Shots of tequila needed: 0

Season 12 - "Family Affair"


Another finale that wasn't super painful. In fact, if there were tears, they would have been out of happiness or shock. Amelia got married to Owen in a beautiful ceremony. April had a C-section, which was scary, but everything turned out ok in the end. Alex beat DeLuca, which was scary, but wouldn't be explored until Season 13. And Maggie told Mer that she liked Owen. Collective gasp! But, there definitely weren't a whole lot of heartwrenching moments!

Shots of tequila needed: 0