Dr. Derek Shepherd Has A New Gig!


And you'll never guess what part he'll play!

Exciting news for McDreamy lovers out there! It looks like Patrick Dempsey returned to the small screen in the Love Actually follow-up that premiered on Thursday, May 25! Yes! You read that correctly! McDreamy was in the short sequel to one of your favorite Christmas films! And even if he won't be playing our favorite neurosurgeon, it looks like Dempsey snagged an important part in an original character's love story.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Fans in the United States have been buzzing ever since the mini 10-minute short was announced and aired for the Red Nose Day charity fundraiser in the United Kingdom on March 24.

The US version came across the pond shortly after, and writer-director Richard Curtis made is a worthwhile wait. He is adding new scenes and characters to the original sequel, which includes Dempsey. We're just happy we get the version with him in it!

A few weeks back, Entertainment Weekly announced that Dempsey will star opposite Laura Linney, who played Sarah in the original Love Actually film.

For those of you who don't remember or haven't seen the original, Sarah and Karl never seem to get the timing right. Even when they seem like they're about to finally hook up, Sarah puts everything on hold when her mentally-ill brother calls. Still don't remember? Check out the clip below!

Unfortunately for many fans of the original film, Rodrigo Santoro, who plays Karl, did not return for the reboot. However, Sarah received the happy ending she deserved! And with McDreamy of all people! Check the couple out at the end of this clip:

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