5 New Year's Eve Photo Booth Props to Make Every Picture Pop

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For the best-looking photos of 2019!

A Few Last-Minute New Year's Eve Photo Props

We know that you're just getting over your food coma from your Christmas Eve dinner, but 2019 is almost here and it's time to spread some cheer this New Year's Eve!

If you're planning to host the perfect New Year's Eve party this year, then make sure you pick up one of these fun NYE photo props so that all your guests can remember every epic moment.

From variety kits to funny props that are simple but cute enough so that anyone would be proud to post their pic on social media, we've got them all. Here are a few of our favorite New Year's Eve photo booth props for 2019. And yes, you can still get them if you're running low on time.

This Classic 20-Piece Set

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If you want a little something that has it all, then you need to ring in the New Year with this 20-piece set. Just make sure to get a little basket to put it all in.

This Tinsel Foil Background

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If you want the perfect backdrop to accompany all of your props, then this tinsel foil background is just the thing you need. It's simple and you can place it anywhere for a bit of flair.

This Low-Cost 30-Piece Set

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If you're on a budget, but you want a variety of options, then you can always check out this fun 30-piece set. The props also come with a few sticks that you can attach to each prop.

This 2019 Balloon

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You'll certainly remember it's 2019 with this fun set of balloons. It's a great prop or decoration for any New Year's party.

This Adorable Photo Booth Frame

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If you're into selfies or you just want something simple and classy, then you can always check out this 2019 selfie photo frame.

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