Instagram Updates June 2017 | Instagram June 2017

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Here are five new Instagram updates to help you achieve Insta-fame!

Instagram Updates June 2017 | Instagram June 2017:

When it comes to Instagram updates this June 2017, we got you covered. This article goes over ALL the new Instagram June 2017 updates and explains everything you need to know about this new Instagram feature.

Let's be honest, Instagram updates can be hard to keep track of. And we know it's important to be in-the-know on the latest social media trends. So, from the ability to replay Instagram live videos, to the update that allows you to send links through direct messages, we have all of the latest updates for Instagram broken down for you!

Teen Vogue recently spoke to an Instagram spokesperson and got the scoop on the Instagram updates for June 2017. So, here's how to share Live videos to your Stories and 5 other Instagram hacks to get the most out of the June 2017 Instagram update!

1. Instagram Update One: Replay Instagram Live Videos For 24 Hours

It's awesome using the Instagram Live Video feature, especially since you get to stream to your followers who give you comments (and hearts) in real time. Back in March, Instagram changed the game by allowing us to save the videos. However, it was still hard to get those live videos back to your followers, especially if they missed your stream! But now, Instagram has given you the amazing opportunity to share your Live videos on your Stories for 24 hours! Yes, that means that none of your follows have to miss out on one of your Live videos because they weren't able to catch it live!

2. Instagram Update Two: Support For Landscape And Portrait Orientations


One huge benefit of shooting with your typical iOS camera is that it allows you to take preset cropped photos. For example, you can totally take a perfectly sized horizontal photo for your Facebook cover. And now, Instagram made the landscape and portrait orientations available in Direct, so your direct messages can be just as creative as ever!

3. Instagram Update Three: Get Featured In A Bigger Story!


Do you want more people to see your amazing adventures? You can now choose to become featured in a bigger Story whenever you're at a main location like Disney World or even larger cities like Paris! If you get included in the Story, you'll even get to see how many people saw your post at the top! But if you don't want to be included, you can always hit the "X" on your Story viewer list or unhide the Story if you change your mind! Talk about easy!

4. Instagram Update Four: Search Story By Hashtag & Location

Instagram just got a lot more specific when it comes to their Stories on Explore! Before, you could only view what you were given, and you would have to be happy with it. But now, you can search by location and hashtag as long as the user included a location sticker on their post! Location pictures will have a red story ring around the thumbnail.

5. Instagram Update Five: Send Links Through Instagram Direct


Finally! You can send links to your friends through the Direct feature on Instagram with previews. This also applies to phone numbers and addresses, making communication so much easier!

6. Instagram Update Six: New Instagram End Of The Year Stickers


Whether you're ready for graduation or just ready for your summer to begin, Instagram has you covered! Insta just released some adorable "End of the year" stickers that are now available in camera mode! So cute!

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