NBC's Albert Kim Is Developing An All-Asian Family Drama And Yes, It's A Big Deal


NBC is developing an all-Asian family drama based on Samsung corporate heirs with 'Sleepy Hollow' showrunner Albert Kim.

NBC's Albert Kim Is Developing An All-Asian Family Drama

Following a multiple-network bidding war, NBC is partnering up with Sleepy Hollow co-showrunner Albert Kim for its next hit. The best part? The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Kim is set to develop an untitled family drama that will feature a nearly all Asian cast. And yes, this is breaking news for Asian and Asian American representation in entertainment.

If you're Asian American, you probably didn't grow up watching shows or movies that represented people who looked like you. From Mickey Rooney's racist portrayal of I.Y. Yunioshi in the 1958 classic Breakfast at Tiffany's to Matthew Moy's Han Lee in the currently televised Two Broke Girls, Asians and Asian American representation in the media is sorely lacking. In fact, there are less than 30 American television series titles that even feature a single Asian lead since the dawn of tv in the 1950s. Since then, we've gotten gems like The Mindy Project starring Mindy Kahling and Fresh Off the Boat*, which is the only other nearly all-Asian show currently airing on network television. And now, Kim's show is already breaking barriers by becoming the first drama on American network television with a nearly all-Asian cast.

The Hollywood Reporter

What Will Albert Kim's All-Asian Family Drama Be About?

According to Deadline, Kim's family drama is about a "family-owned Korean electronics corporation that is rocked when the CEO dies on the eve of launching their American subsidiary and his will reveals the existence of a previously unknown heir."

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Kim based the concept on Korean chaebols, which are large, industrial conglomerates that are controlled by an owner or family in South Korea. The concept will be similar to multinational conglomerates like Samsung, which is run by a single family and will often go through drama when the company is passed down from one member to another. THR describes the new show as a "multicultural soap" and "modern-day Anastasia", since the show follows an Asian American woman who suddenly becomes aware of her status within the company and her inheritance of fame, wealth, and struggle for power amongst her new siblings.

Kim is set to be the lead writer and executive producer of the family drama alongside Warner Bros. and Dan Lin, who has an impressive resume of his own, producing films like Sherlock Holmes and 2017's It.

Kim's series is still in early development and currently doesn't have a pilot order. However, we're hoping for more unexplored territory. We'll be watching.


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