Don't Hate Me, But Meredith & DeLuca Are Better Than Meredith & Derek

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And that's the way the cookie crumbles.

It's 2019, So Can We Stop Pretending Like Meredith & Derek's Relationship Was Cute?

Okay, I didn't mean that. Or maybe I did. At this point, I'm just working through all of this. But, I'm not going to lie, rewatching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy in 2019 has its faults. While it's fun to revisit old characters you haven't seen in a while, it's also hard not to look at it through a different lens. And the truth is, Grey's Anatomy was first released in 2005, and certain storylines didn't exactly age well. One of them being Meredith and Derek's relationship. And after rewatching old seasons in conjunction to what's going on in Season 15, I have come to the conclusion that — dare I say it — Meredith and DeLuca's relationship is better than Meredith and Derek's.

I understand 2005 was a different time. I understand that things were "different" back then. It's why I personally have a hard time with this. Derek was my McDreamy and nothing you say or do can tell me otherwise. However, it's 2019 now and some of his actions in the series definitely wouldn't fly today, much less be labeled as "romantic." So just because it was a different time back then, does that make the actions excusable? The answer is no.

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First, let's start off with one major similarity between Meredith's relationship with DeLuca and Derek: the power dynamic.

When Grey's Anatomy first aired, Meredith was an intern and Derek was her boss. When the two parties were made aware of that, Meredith tried to call things off. She said no. Derek, on the other hand, continued to pursue her. While we often see this chase as a romantic gesture, after everything that has happened with the #MeToo movement, it's a situation that I can't really get behind — and showrunner Krista Vernoff has spoken up about the topic in the past, revealing that the storyline would not be on the air today.

"If you look at, for example, Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd through the lens of Time's Up and #MeToo, he was her boss, she was an intern, and she kept saying, 'No, walk away from me,' and he kept pursuing her," Vernoff said in an interview with LA Times. "And that is probably not a story we would tell on the show today, and it's a beautiful reflection of the changing times."

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Now, what about Meredith's relationship with DeLuca? While DeLuca is Meredith's resident, the Grey's writers have managed to craft a relationship that burns slower than most. But, given the power dynamics between the couple, both parties clearly consent to wanting more out of the relationship. And honestly, consent is sexier than any chase.

"We're doing a little bit of a reversal as we begin to build this love triangle that's emerging with Deluca as one the people in that triangle, and he is a resident and Meredith is an attending, and we're having to address it differently than we ever would have before," Vernoff said. "We're having to talk about and look at power dynamics. It is an ongoing conversation in the writers room. How do we tell that story in a way that feels honest and romantic and sexy and yet proactive and progressive?"

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Since DeLuca and Meredith haven't exactly been together as long as Meredith and Derek, it would be kind of unfair to compare how Derek treated Meredith versus how DeLuca is treating Meredith now in Season 15. Who knows? Maybe DeLuca will also make Meredith believe that his career is more important than hers and make out with his lab assistant in DC down the line.

Nonetheless, the starts to both relationships have one major difference that changes the game. And I'm sorry, but if I had to choose, I'm here for MerLuca — and not MerDer.

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