Lotus Box Review: The PMS Subscription Box You Need to Know

lotus box review, period pms subscription box
Photo Courtesy of Connie Liou

If you wanted to try out Lotus Box, a period and PMS subscription box, here's what you need to know!

Lotus Box Review: The PMS Subscription Box You Need to Know

PMS is binge eating stale Costco cookies at 2 a.m. as I watch To All The Boys I've Loved Before for the fifteenth time. It's forcing myself to practice self-care, because that's when I need it the most. It's trying everything and anything I can to forget about the pain shooting into my uterus, that I will stop at nothing to seek new ways to make myself feel better.

So, here we are.

Upon my quest for better self-care around that time of the month, I stumbled upon Lotus Box, a PMS care package subscription service that is set to uplift and comfort women throughout PMS and their period.

But, is it worth it? Did Lotus Box manage to ease my period troubles, like how a plush blanket can wrap me up into a burrito and shield me from the cold? Here's my review.

Photo Courtesy of Connie Liou

What Is Lotus Box?

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a period subscription box, then you should know that they are care packages designed to not only help you deal with your period, but also comfort you throughout.

And the best part? They come right to your doorstep every month. You don't even have to leave your house, which is always a plus in my book.

While some are more about providing you with the proper amount of tampons every month, others are there to provide you with, well, happiness. Or at least try to.

Lotus Box is the latter. While each box does come with a few period necessities, the subscription service is all about giving their customers some comfort when they need it.

How Does Lotus Box Work?

Want to know about Lotus Box? Here are all of the logistics.


You have the option of choosing between the Lotus Box Lite and the regular Lotus Box month-to-month subscription.

The regular Lotus Box price is $34.99 per box. You can also choose to save and prepay for 3 months ($99.72), 6 months ($188.95), or 12 months ($356.90).

If you're on a tighter budget, you can choose to buy the Lotus Box Lite, which is only $15. However, you'll get less items.

How Often?

You will receive Lotus Box every month, and you get to schedule it yourself, depending on your cycle. However, Lotus Box recommends that you schedule the box to arrive a week ahead of your period, just in case.

And if your cycle ever gets off track, you can adjust your delivery date. You can also cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

What Comes in the Box?

The items that come in every box are a surprise from month to month, but always aim to provide the user with comfort.

However, with each subscription, there will be a piece of clothing that is included. Not too sure about sizing? Don't worry. Lotus Box asks for the user's underwear size, and their options range from XS to 9X.

Photo Courtesy of Connie Liou

I Tried Lotus Box's September 2018 Box–Here's What Happened

Now, for the fun part–my actual experience with Lotus Box's September 2018 box.

When I first opened the box, I was certainly surprised by how many items were able to fit into such a small package. Granted, I could feel that the box was heavy when I picked it up from my mailroom, but I was still impressed nonetheless.

In my Lotus Box, I received:

  • A pamphlet with some ideas on how to practice self-care, including tips, yoga moves on how to relieve cramps, and a blueberry mojito recipe.
  • A kimono
  • A scrunchie
  • A bath bomb
  • A coloring book and coloring pencils
  • Lavender bar soap
  • Dark chocolate
  • A glass mug
  • Tea
  • A heating pad
  • A few period essentials, like pads, tampons, panty liners, and wipes
Photo Courtesy of Connie Liou

Not going to lie, I loved most of the items in the September box. Basically, everything in it screamed comfort and I'm always in for that.

I immediately took to the kimono. In fact, I'm wearing it as I'm writing this piece. The bath bomb was nice. Though, I'll probably continue using Lush on the regular. But, the coloring book and pencils, lavender bar soap, and tea + mug combo all managed to relax me at different times of stress.

I loved the hell out of that scrunchie because it gave me some serious Lara Jean Covey vibes. But then, I cut off all my hair, so I just can't tie my hair up anymore.

Also, I was in no need of tampons, extra pads, or panty liners since the Costco across the street has me covered in that department.

However, it was nice to try out tampons by L., a company that makes organic products free of pesticides, chlorine, fragrances, and dyes. Remember, it's important to know what you're putting in your vagina. So, thank you, Lotus Box, for looking out for me.

Was It Worth it?

Overall, I loved my September 2018 Lotus Box. The products in it were seemingly general enough to make most people happy, and the ultimate goal of comfort was definitely achieved.

I do wish that the subscription service had more customization options. What do short-haired girls do with a scrunchie? Or what happens if I was allergic to chocolate?

I also didn't need the extra tampons, panty liners, or pads, since I've already stocked up a lot and I'm almost exclusively a tampon girl myself. And I can imagine that a lot of women also don't always use all three.

However, these examples aren't exactly dealbreakers, especially if you like surprises and know what you want out of the box. Ultimately, if you're looking for something to amp up your self-care during PMS, then Lotus Box might be worth trying.

Remember, the focus of the box wasn't to take care of your period. It's to take care of you.