Kim Raver on Teddy's Pregnancy and Her Future With Owen

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We take it back! We aren't sure if we want Teddy to tell Owen about the baby just yet.

Kim Raver on Teddy Altman's Arc on Grey's Anatomy Season 15

We're halfway through until the winter finale of Grey's Anatomy and we're still not sure who's going to make it out on the other side when it comes to the Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), and Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) love triangle. So yeah, we'd say that we're freaking out.

So what's to come for these three in the next few episodes? Will Teddy finally tell Owen about their baby after Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) intervened last week?

In a recent interview, actress Kim Raver shared some insight as to where her character is headed. And to be honest, we're not entirely sure what to think.

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Nobody does a love triangle quite like Grey's Anatomy. But will things be different this time around with Owen, Amelia, and Teddy?


"I was pitching it to the writers and to Krista Vernoff that maybe we could do the love triangle a little differently so that it's not woman pitted against woman," Raver told Entertainment Tonight. "I feel like that it's headed in that direction. I feel like both Amelia and Teddy are really watching out for the other person and how can we navigate through this and where is Owen at? We'll see how that goes, but that's definitely the direction that I'd like to head into."

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While Raver has hopes that the love triangle won't be your typical love triangle, we're still afraid for what will come once Amelia and Owen find out about the baby.

Raver admits that Teddy is doing her best to "keep everyone protected," but will everyone involved get out in one piece?

According to Raver, it looks like it. However, not without a few bumps in the road.

"It's messy and complicated and juicy and difficult, but also rewarding and hopeful and definitely the feels," Raver said.

Oh boy.

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But how all of this will affect our girl, Teddy?

We're certainly hoping for the best. And according to Raver, we don't have a whole lot to worry about, regardless of what Teddy chooses to do.

"Does Teddy want to be alone? No. Has she deeply loved Owen for a really long time because she's had great loss in her life? Yes. Will she be fine in the end? Yes," Raver said. "But that's what makes it so interesting is that we are searching for a relationship, but a modern concept is: We're also fine on our own and I think we're actually better partners when we do become stronger alone. Maybe that is the journey. Maybe Teddy is gonna be alone, I don't know. Maybe it is about her finding what her path is on to become a stronger person, a stronger mom."

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