14 January Instagram Captions to Welcome the New Year

january instagram captions, 2019
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For all the best quotes and sayings for the first month of the new year!

The Best January Instagram Captions

It's time to celebrate the fresh start of a new year. Luckily if you're planning on sharing that joy on social media, we've got the perfect January Instagram caption to accompany it.

Whether you're spending the start of the year with your family or friends, we've got some killer sayings and quotes for your Insta feed that will (hopefully) start your year off right. Because January means new beginnings, right?

Good Instagram Captions for January

  • And so this year's adventure begins

  • A new year. A fresh start. Same Dreams. New Challenges.

  • January is a time of new beginnings.

  • January is like a Monday, but longer.

  • "May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears." -Nelson Mandela

Funny and Cute Captions for January 2019

  • Another year, lots of new dreams.

  • Welcome, January

  • January the beginning of anything you want.

  • Now is not the time for thinking of the goals you didn't meet, but the ones you will meet in the future.

  • Don't watch the cock; Do what it does. Keep going.

Clever Quotes and Sayings for January Captions

  • Hello January

  • January, just go with the flow.

  • A new year is here and the possibilities are endless.

  • January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow." -Sara Coleridge

  • Hot Chocolate. Cold nights. Frosty mornings. January.