Is Meredith Grey a Bad Person? Well, Actually, the Answer Might Be Yes

Because being a good person and a good character are two completely separate things.

After thirteen extraordinary seasons of Grey's Anatomy, it's impossible not to get attached to the show's original characters. From Chief Bailey to our favorite bad boy, Alex Karev, we've seen them all fail and grow into the people they've become today. However, one character has made us question her morals time and time again. Sure, she might have good intentions. But, sometimes it's hard to see how she can be considered a "good" person, especially in recent seasons.

She Dismissed Alex's Behavior When He Beat Up DeLuca

To begin this exploration of Meredith's character, I have to mention her behavior in the first few episodes of Season 13. In one of the last moments of Season 12, Alex Karev beat the crap out of Andrew DeLuca, who was so messed up that he was taken into immediate surgery. It's also not initially clear whether or not DeLuca's eye would heal enough for him to ever return as a surgeon.

The thing is, Meredith responds to this with, "Haven't you ever made a mistake before?" No. This was no mistake. A mistake is forgetting to buy the milk at the grocery store for your mom. A mistake is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A mistake is not beating someone to the point of being hospitalized, undergoing surgery, and then leaving the victim traumatized at the sight of his assaulter.

Obviously, I all love Karev and Meredith does, too. He is her person. She tried to help him out, and we do see her struggling with whether or not to tell Bailey. But, is that enough to minimize this horrific event?

The Whole Nathan Riggs Debacle

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Then there are the Maggie/Riggs/Owen catastrophes. When Riggs was first introduced, it was clear that Owen Hunt absolutely hated every inch of his existence. Meredith made a pact with Owen because of a promise she made to Cristina so that he wouldn't go all dark and twisty again. She told him that she would hate him, too. But, the thing is, that's basically when she starts hooking up with Riggs for the first time. So, that means that Mer went back on a promise she made to both Cristina and Owen.

Things were already looking a little shady on Mer's part, but then she makes another deceptive call when it came to Maggie. And it looks like Mer's intentionally trying to toy withMaggie's emotions. When Maggie told Meredith that she also liked Riggs, why didn't Mer ever that she liked him too? And rather than telling her half-sister the truth, she decided to tell Riggs to turn Maggie down when she asks him out. Right. Okay. Noted. Obviously, this is so much better than just being honest. /s

She's Not Exactly Empathetic Towards Anyone Outside Her Chosen Circle

When you think about it, you pretty much realize that Meredith is simply rude towards people who aren't within her circle. In fact, she doesn't even really see other people as people. Take Jo Wilson, for example. Mer is her teacher first and foremost. But, do we see Mer treat Jo like anything more than a prop? No. Remember the dinner party episode? Nothing more than someone to take out the trash. Remember every time Mer kicked Jo out of bed to talk to Alex? She didn't even acknowledge Jo's existence. I'm all for the laughs, but it's rude.

And That's Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

We all know that Mer has done a lot of wrong throughout the years. She tampered with Derek's Alzheimer's drug to possibly, maybe save Adele. She knew it was his dream and it didn't matter. She was the other woman in Derek's marriage to Addison. (But let's be real, Derek should have just picked Mer in the first place or broken up with Addison long beforehand. Though, she didn't tell Addison or refrain either.) She gets upset with people over things that are not of their control. Ahem - Maggie and Lexie, for example. She did not allow the Shepherd sisters even the courtesy to say goodbye to their brother. And then she went and disappeared without a single word. Do I need to go on?

But Let's Be Honest Here. It's Sort of Why We Love Meredith.

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And I know. Meredith has been through a lot. She's almost died countless of times, and she definitely knows that the world is unfair. But, does this excuse her behavior over half the time? Nope, not really. Her actions are usually not something to realistically aspire to. She's not exactly a good person, and I don't think she ever has been.

But, isn't that why we love her in the first place? She's complex. She's human and makes a ton of mistakes. She might eventually learn from them and she might not. She can be an asshole. She can be dark and twisty. And honestly, it'd be a pretty boring story if she were a good person all the time. There's a difference between a good person and good character. Sorry if I burst your bubble.

Do you think that Meredith is a good person, Grey's fans?

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