Is Blake on Bachelor in Paradise or the Next Bachelor 2019?

The Bachelorette Season 14 contestant Blake Horstmann
The Bachelorette via ABC

Is Blake on Bachelor in Paradise? Or is he the next Bachelor for 2019?

Is Blake in Bachelor in Paradise or the Next Bachelor 2019?

The Bachelorette via ABC

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Bachelorette 2018 finale.

With The Bachelorette airing its final episodes for season 14, fans everywhere are wondering what will happen to their favorite finalist, Blake Horstmann. While we still don't actually know the final outcome of The Bachelorette 2018, and Becca could end up with Blake, spoilers suggest that Becca chooses Garrett in the end. So, what will happen to Blake if this news is true? Will he remain brokenhearted or perhaps become part of other alleys of the Bachelor Nation franchise? So, what will it be, Bach fans? Is Blake in Bachelor in Paradise or could Blake be the next Bachelor 2019?

Here's everything that could potentially happen. Though, you should know that nothing is actually confirmed.

Will Blake be on Bachelor in Paradise 2018?

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Until the full finale airs tonight, August 6, we probably won't know if Blake is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise. Spoilers, right? The finale wouldn't be fun if we already knew one of our finalists was part of another show!

Once we know who Becca chooses for good, we will know whether or not Blake will be on Paradise. However, this probably also means that he wouldn't be on the show until later on, especially since the original 2018 cast has already been announced.

So, what does this mean about his fate as The Bachelor?

Is Blake the Next Bachelor 2019?

The Bachelorette via ABC

If Blake isn't on Paradise this season, there's a chance that he could be our next Bachelor in 2019. But, does he hold a candle to fan favorite Jason Tartick? According to our fan-voted poll, the answer is no. Jason wins Bachelor Nation. Hands down. 

However, our next Bachelor isn't for fans to decide. It's up to ABC, and it looks like we have some time before this news is announced.

Ultimately, no signs really point to Blake being part of Paradise or next season's Bachelor. We'll update this article if anything changes, but until then, tune into the Bachelorette finale and Bachelor in Paradise starting on August 7th.