5 Quick Facts About Chloe Kohanski On The Voice

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How old is Chloe on The Voice? Plus 9 other things you need to know about Chloe Kohanski, the season 13 star!

5 Things To Know About Chloe On The Voice

The Voice season 13 has been absolutely bonkers, hasn't it? Our judges, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Hudson have gone through hell and back training these spectacular performers. But, who is the next Voice champion? After a huge elimination last week, only four contestants remain. Chloe Kohanski with Team Blake, Addison Agen with Team Adam, Brooke Simpson with Team Miley, and Red Marlow with Team Blake fought it out this week. And while we are dying to know who won The Voice 2017, we're most curious about the Team Miley turned Blake finalist, Chloe Kohanski? Who is Chloe Kohanski? How old is Chloe on The Voice? Where is she from? Well, stay tuned! Here are 5 things you need to know about Chloe from The Voice!

Monday was so special to me. I've been trying so hard to give you guys a brand new experience week after week. Now that i have made it to the finale i feel so INSPIRED. i know my style of music isn't everybody's "thing"... but i hope I've at least changed someone's mind on what classic rock is and everything it represents. My goal as an artist has always been to make music that makes people FEEL something. So many songs from the 70's/80's told the most beautiful stories and painted the most unforgettable pictures. i want to continue that legacy. i want to bring rock n roll into pop culture. i want to always be honest and genuine. i want to always sing with emotion. i want to push myself and never stop growing. i have so many dreams and visions for the future... rock n roll can never die.

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1. How Old Is Chloe From The Voice?

Chloe's age? You wouldn't believe it from her deep singing voice. This Voice starlet is only 23 years old!

2. Where Is Chloe From?

Chloe's hometown is Nashville, Tennessee! No wonder she initially chose Miley to be her coach!

3. Was Chloe A Singer Before The Voice?

Like many other contestants, Chloe was a performer before The Voice. She was the lead in a blues band and it continues to influence her music today. In an interview with Reality TV World, Chloe said, "When I envision myself doing solo work, I want to kind of have a combination of the emotion and the desperation that blues music has but in a modern way."

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4. Who Is Chloe Dating?

Chloe is currently dating Hunter Airheart, a photographer.

5. Did Chloe Audition For The Voice?

Actually, no! Strangely enough, Chloe did not audition for her role on The Voice. In an interview with Hollywood Life, she said, "There are so many ways to get involved with The Voice. The majority are from open call auditions, but weirdly enough, I received a phone call because I have been playing in Nashville for, like, four years and someone saw me at a show and they called and got my contact info and asked if I wanted to audition. They said they would fly me out for a Blind Audition, so that is what I did."

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