10 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips For Women To Get You Through The New Year

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Love the holidays but hate the binging? Here are the best healthy holiday eating tips for women to get you through to the new year!

10 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips For Women

The hardest part of the holiday season is keeping yourself from abandoning your health goals and indulging in bad eating habits. With so many delicious foods surrounding you during the holidays, we know it's hard to stop. But, we're here to help you have a healthy holiday while making the most of it. Because honestly, who wants to resist every tempting thing passes by during the holiday season? The answer is no one. So, here are 10 best healthy holiday eating tips for women (and men) to get you through until New Year's!

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1. Don't Skip Meals

A lot of people think that it's a good strategy for holiday eating to skip a meal or two before the big event. But, let us just spell it out for you. It is not good to skip meals to "make room" for the calories you will consume. In fact, this is probably the worst thing you could do. When you skip a meal, you will slow down your metabolism and likely overeat during your holiday dinner. Instead, just eat something healthy and well balanced.

2. Schedule Time To Exercise

During the holidays, you might want to spend some extra time strategizing when you plan to exercise. The holidays and a busy and stressful time, and it's easy for something like exercise to get lost in the grand scheme of things. Since you will likely be eating more during the holidays anyway, if you schedule slightly longer workout or even simply more workouts throughout the week, then that should be enough to offset any extra eating.


3. Make Your Own Healthy Holiday Recipes

Preparing your own food should promote healthy eating for the holidays. Who knows how many sticks of butter Karen put in those cookies, right? At least if you make your own holiday foods, you'll know exactly what goes into it and adjust it to your taste.

4. Look At Your Options Before Filling Your Plate

Before diving into that big holiday party buffet, make sure to scan what options are available first. This way, you can mentally plan out what you're about to scarf down and plan a better-balanced meal, including the veggies and fruits!

5. Eat What You Love During The Holidays

Have you ever gone to a holiday party and picked up everything? This is why looking at what options are available is important. When you plan ahead, skip dishes you don't like and choose to eat only your favorite foods. Honestly, how many times have you eaten foods you don't love during the holidays? Too many. So, pick your favorite dishes. Your happiness and health will thank you.

And for you veggie haters out there, if you're worried that the only vegetable you like won't be at dinner, make your own and bring it to the party! Who knows? Maybe someone shares the same hatred for mushrooms and love for broccoli as you do.


6. Watch Out When It Comes To Beverages

Careful when it comes to beverages, whether it's soda or alcohol. Alcohol adds extra calories and can induce overeating since it tends to lessen inhibitions. Soda can also be filled with a lot of sugar. Try to alternate between water and your drink of choice. That way, you stay hydrated and cut your drink calories in half.

7. Eat Slowly

It takes more than 20 minutes for your brain to receive the signal that you are full. So, don't eat your food quickly, no matter how much your mouth waters. Savor every bite and join in on the conversation around you. Or simply focus on how every bit of food tastes. There's a reason you love holiday food, right? Pace yourself and take your time.

8. Make Sure To Start With Vegetables

Eat those vegetables first, especially if you aren't really into veggies. This ensures that you at least eat your veggies. Vegetables are also high in fiber, so it's good for your digestive health. Trust us, your future self with thank you.


9. Try Not To Fall Into A Food Coma

After you finish your big meal, resist the urge to take a nap and try to take a walk. Yes, we know. It'll be the last thing you want to do. But, studies have shown that a 15 to 20-minute walk after dinner leads to better digestion and blood sugar control.

10. Be Realistic With Your Holiday Health Goals

Let's be real. You're probably not going to want to diet and lose weight during the holiday season. There are so many opportunities to eat delicious foods, both healthy and unhealthy, and you might not want to say no. If you plan on losing weight during the holiday season, you are more likely to be disappointed, and that's just not how to live life, especially when it's time to relax. So, skip the diet and focus on ways to maintain your current weight.

BONUS: Never Feel Guilty

Like we said above, the holidays are about relaxation and celebration. While it's good to keep an eye out on your health, it's nothing to get stressed and lose your mental health over. If you aren't able to exercise as much as you planned or if you eat too much for a meal or two over the holidays, don't let it defeat you. Try to get back to your healthy eating habits when you can!

Have fun this holiday season and happy eating!



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