Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Will Have Big Changes Behind The Scenes

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Krista Vernoff is back and OG fans couldn't be more excited!

Grey's Anatomy Is Making BIG Behind The Scenes Changes For Season 14

Can you believe that Grey's Anatomy has been on the air since 2005? 2005! That's amazing. That's impeccable. That's extraordinary!But, that's also a lot of content. Along the years, many Grey's Anatomy fans have quit the show, especially since Grey's isn't exactly the same as it was when it first aired on 2005. But now that Grey's Anatomy is nearing its 14th Season, we've got HUGE news for older fans of Grey's Anatomy! Krista Vernoff will be returning as co-showrunner to Grey's Anatomy Season 14!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Who Is Krista Vernoff?

For those of you that don't know, Vernoff was Shonda Rhimes' co-showrunner, writer, and executive producer for the first seven seasons of Grey's Anatomy. With Vernoff's voice back on Grey's Anatomy, Season 14 might feel like earlier episodes of Grey's Anatomy! (You know, the best seasons of Grey's!)

Her work on Grey's Anatomy has earned her an Emmy nomination and even created some of our favorite Grey's lingo.



We're incredibly eager to see where Vernoff takes Grey's Anatomy Season 14 after stepping away from the Grey's world for seven years! Perhaps it'll feel like old times again! Regardless, we are so ready for the return of Grey's Anatomy Season 14!

Will YOU be watching Grey's Anatomy Season 14 now that Vernoff is back?!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

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