Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Spoilers: Are Jo And Alex Back Together?


Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Spoilers: Are Jo And Alex Back Together?

A lot happened in the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere, but one thing is certain for all Grey's fans! After an entire season of tension between Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), JoLex has finally reunited! But, are Jo and Alex back together after the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere? Or what did that kiss mean? We have so many questions, it's killing us right now. Luckily, Camilla Luddington spilt the details on the JoLex reunion, and we must say, it's pretty damn juicy!

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What Happened To Jo And Alex In The Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Premiere?

In the Season 14 premiere, Jo finally told Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) that she was in love with Alex. However, rather than telling this to Alex, she slept with the intern nicknamed Glasses. YIKES.

Even though Alex laughed when he found out about Jo's one night stand, we were dying inside. However, Jo's "new Stephanie", Ben Warren (Jason George), told Alex that Jo was just afraid that Alex might physically hurt her one day. Alex then hurried off to confess to Jo that he tracked down her abusive husband, Paul Stalder (Matthew Morison) to protect her. He then tells Jo that he could never hurt her.

Finally, Jo decided to kiss Alex for tracking down Paul and controlling his anger. But, does this mean JoLex is back together in Season 14?

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What Does Jo Think Of Alex Now?

According to Luddington, the JoLex kiss means that Jo feels comfortable and safe with Alex again.

"The fact that he chose not to [do anything physical] meant everything to her," Luddington said. "It showed her a lot of things. He talks, in that conversation, about how he would never be violent with her. I think his own judgment, in that situation, shows that Alex is thinking twice when he's making decisions, and that's all she needed to hear. For her, it means that she still feels safe. She kisses Alex, so obviously, there's some sort of step forward now with them."

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Are Jo And Alex Back Together In Season 14?

While their kiss made it seem like all of their problems were in the past, it looks like Jo and Alex are not officially back together just yet. Jo and Alex have some more obstacles to climb.

"It's the first step, but do I think that they continue to take more steps together? I think that we'll have to wait and see," Luddington teased. "But definitely that kiss was some sort of reconciliation in terms of them having not spoken for so long, and finally having a conversation where he was so honest with her, and that's all she needed to hear. But yes, I think it's a toe in the water."

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Is Jo Scared Of Paul Stalking Her?

Looks like Jo isn't afraid of Paul's return in Season 14 and apparently, Jo thinks that Paul is far away.

"I think because Alex didn't say anything to him, I feel like she won't feel that there's that fear there," Luddington said. "Also, she now knows where he is. So there's power in knowledge, and he feels very far away. Right now, there's still a feeling of safety, and maybe even comfort, in knowing that he's so far from her. But yeah, I don't think she feels an immediate threat after the conversation, which is a big deal to her."

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Is Paul Stadler Coming To Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

While Matthew Morrison has commented on returning to Grey's Anatomy, Luddington shares that ABC has yet to confirm.

"They haven't confirmed it," Luddington said. "ABC has not confirmed Matthew Morrison is coming back. That's all I can say, but I'll still try to answer a question."

However, Luddington shared what it would be like, from an actor's perspective, if Jo's husband were to return.

"I hope that we do see him, and hopefully it does lead to some sort of healing and closure for her," Luddington said. "But it's also kind of terrifying, the idea of seeing him again, because the way she's described him is that he's very, very, very manipulative, and he's a very frightening person. I would love her to have the strength to continue to stand up for herself, but we haven't seen what that relationship is like together yet. So, we'll have to see, if they do meet, what that means for her."

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Could DeLuca And Jo Get Together In Season 14?

Despite the events that happened in the premiere, Luddington also shared her thoughts on a JoLuca romance on Grey's Anatomy.

"Jo's obviously made it really clear, at this point, that she is still in love with Alex," Luddington said. "And so I don't think that there is any hope for JoLuca to happen, which I get the feeling that a lot of people might be happy about. But I think that she does hope that they can be friends. She needs a friendship circle, and I genuinely think she doesn't want it to be awkward, and I think she genuinely also enjoys him as a friend. But now she may have ruined it."

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Why Did Jo Wilson Sleep With The Intern?

In the interview, Luddington shared that Jo was never really over Alex. So, why did she sleep with the intern in the Grey's Season 14 premiere?

"In that moment, her and Alex have been broken up at this point for a very long time," Luddington said. "I don't think she thinks there's going to be any reconciliation, she feels like too much has happened, or she felt like too much had happened, and it was just a bad idea; it would cause too much drama to get back with him. She saw this glasses-wearing sub-I, and she just felt like, 'Screw it, maybe it'll help me get over him,' and there's immediate regret."

Are you happy with the JoLex reunion? Do you hope they stay together for good? Are you afraid of Paul's return?

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