Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Questions: The Questions We Need Answered

Are you ready for Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Questions: The Questions We Need Answered

The Season 13 finale was absolutely explosive, but it really left us wondering what was going to happen to our favorite Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital! Regardless, we can't wait until Grey's Anatomy Season 14 this upcoming fall! So, here's everything we need to be answered in Grey's Anatomy Season 14!

1. What Will Jo Wilson's Husband Do?

So, we really need a Jolex scene! Last season, Alex went to "confront" Dr. Paul Stadler at a medical conference. Although nothing happened, we're pretty certain that Stadler will be coming back in Season 14. And where exactly happened to Alex and Jo in the Season 13 finale anyway? We need answers!

2. What Happened To Stephanie Edwards?

In the Season 13 finale, Stephanie literally walked through fire and made it out alive. Edwards was a freaking superhero and she could have surpassed any obstacle. But, at the end of the episode, she thanked Dr. Webber (cue sobbing) and then she quit so that she wouldn't have to live in a hospital anymore. TBH, after surviving all of that, Edwards can legit do anything she wants to. But, there wasn't any actual closure after that. She didn't even get to say goodbye to Jo or Amelia!

3. Is Eliza Minnick Really Gone?

The best moment of the Season 13 finale was Bailey's roast of Eliza Minnick. It was even sweeter when Minnick got fired. But, we felt kind of bad when she broke the news to Arizona, especially since we just want Dr. Robbins to be happy. Will the Arizona/Minnick storyline keep her on Grey's? Or is this the last we've seen of her?

4. Will Jackson And Maggie Get Together?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Sigh. We've already written an article on this, but as of now, we just want to know! It was so out of the blue, especially after the Japril 2.0 episode. But, from the season finale, it definitely looks like the show is headed in some interesting romance between Jackson and Maggie.

5. What Will Happen When Owen And Nathan Reunite With Megan?

We're pretty sure Megan's arrival will mean some pretty crazy drama. But, until we actually get to meet her, we have so many questions. Will she be stable? Will she even survive? We're hoping that Owen, Nathan, and Megan are able to recover from all of it. But, we aren't sure how we feel about the whole Nathan, Megan, and Meredith situation, especially since Nathan helped Mer get over Derek. But, from the looks of the finale, our girl Mer will do just fine. She's survived far worse, after all.

Are you excited for Season 14? What do you need answered?!

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